Autoeditors This category allows MusicBrainz auto-editors to discuss things separately from other MusicBrainz users (mostly elections of other autoeditors). Anyone can see what is being discussed here, but only auto-editors may post. Development Anything technical related to MusicBrainz goes here. Do you have question about MusicBrainz development? Having issues setting up the virtual machine? Trouble figuring out why the web service is returning something other than you expected? This category is the place to ask! Classical This is a category to debate issues specific to classical music in MusicBrainz (in the widest sense of the term). Here you can: Style This is a category for questions and ideas regarding MusicBrainz style (that is, what data to enter and how). For sharing ideas and asking questions, just start a topic! Any formal style proposals should follow our proposal procedure though, and be added as STYLE tickets in Jira.
Topic Replies Activity
About the MusicBrainz category 2 26 February, 2018
Release country of CD/Vinyl releases 17 16 February, 2020
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Original work of a recording of the unfinished work 39 16 February, 2020
Is a DJ Mix a compilation? 10 16 February, 2020
Dissuading work arrange relationships 25 16 February, 2020
A multi‐source seeder for digital releases 60 16 February, 2020
Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread 537 15 February, 2020
Composers artist-name guidelines 14 15 February, 2020
How to add related works 4 15 February, 2020
Using tracks / track (number of tracks in the medium on release) to narrow down a recording search 2 15 February, 2020
Digital releases: Merging? / Long country list? / Just [Worldwide]? 154 15 February, 2020
MusicBrainz entity URL changes - Likely or Not? 4 15 February, 2020
Merge duplicate recordings between two editions of the same album with “mb. MASS MERGE RECORDINGS” 72 14 February, 2020
Number of tracks in database 13 14 February, 2020
Digital Release with two Bandcamp links: different release, or not? 12 14 February, 2020
Sheet Music Brainz? 12 14 February, 2020
MusicBrainz needs a hand-holding search page for low tech literate users 6 13 February, 2020
Adding Album/Track Comments? 3 12 February, 2020
Inconsistent presentation (storage?) of artist-memberof-group relations 6 11 February, 2020
Barcode: "No barcode check-box" check-marked if no visible indication of a barcode? 15 11 February, 2020
Naming guidelines of classical music works 18 11 February, 2020
BUG in "Add Event" when entering artist with vocal AND instrument attributes at the same time 2 11 February, 2020
Database Relationships - when to use TOUR and why can't a recording both be IN a town and AT an arena? 23 10 February, 2020
How to properly split artists that shouldn't have existed as collaboration entity 2 10 February, 2020
Doubts about the DVD-A infos and consequent ripp choices 2 10 February, 2020
What is and isn't acceptable ETI? 1 26 June, 2017
How fast (best-case) is an indexed webquery on recordings (or releases)? 1 28 October, 2016
MusicBrainz Android app in dire need of a maintainer 20 9 February, 2020
West Germany (and others) - missing from list of countries 17 9 February, 2020