Requests for Votes Thread

Feel free to use this thread to make requests for votes on an edit, or perhaps for an auto-editor to fix something up that’s going to be a real mess if you have to wait for edits to go through!

@reosarevok notes: merges and removals can’t be approved by autoeditors, and always stay open for 48h even if they get 3 Yes votes

My request:
I forgot to tick the ‘rename all artist credits’ box when I tried to tidy and rename these two artists:
Richie Rhinestone - MusicBrainz
Voodoo Savage - MusicBrainz

So now all the credits are ‘Richie Rhinestone and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys’ etc

If an auto-editor could please change it again so that it changes all the credits, that would be much appreciated!
Otherwise I think I have to change it back to something else , and then change it back again (12 days of waiting…), to avoid doing it all manually.

Thank you!


You can change the artist credits from the Aliases page (one by one, but). That’s not auto-editable, even for us - to make it as autoedits we would have to do it all manually ourselves too. But a least it’s 7 days not 14.

Is there any way to expedite this? I upvoted these changes not realising that this would happen, and now these albums on my label are going to be mislabelled for days.

Well, they can get three votes, in which case they’d be open for a max of 2 days I think.

@reosarevok I thought if you change the artist, and then change it back again, and tick the ‘rename all credits’ box, it changes everything across the board, automatically?

If not, all good, I’ll go through and do it manually :slight_smile:

No, it just enters edits to change them, but unless I’m confused it does not do it automatically (since it’s a destructive edit that can’t be easily undone).

I thought all edits are put through automatically (including that one) for auto-editors? Or have I misunderstood how it works?

Otherwise if an auto-editor could change it to something else instantly (without renaming the credits) and then I’ll change it back, renaming the credits, and it’ll only take 6 days total depending on votes :clap:

Only non-destructive edits are automatically applied, even for auto-editors. Since this is considered a destructive change (as it can change data in a way that can’t be easily recovered), no one has the power to make it an auto-edit.


Ok, thanks for that! I didn’t realise, I thought auto-editors could do any change automatically!

My apologies guys and thanks for the info :bow:

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Would someone please vote in these edits that I just entered for the FOURTH time? (Failed due to computer error, then user error, then server error…)


Hey I’m new to the community and made my first edits for my artist Dopetrackz I’m embarrassed to ask, but do you mind checking the edits and voting for them, because I would really like to add my music metadata to the Music Brainz Site.

Thanks for the help and support!


Somebody want to accelerate these disambig corrections? I was testing a userscript, sorry for the mess.

Edit: Already done, thanks!

I went over the edits and voted (and approved) some. I also left comments on a number of them, including asking questions - it would be great if you would reply to at least the questions.

A beginner editor chose (wrong) existing recordings instead of new ones, can somebody apply my fixes?

Edit #38451713

Edit #38451714

Edit #38451715

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Thanks for fixing this! Edits approved now.

Thank you! I could finish filling the correct AR

could one of the auto-editors please have a look at these three edits:
Edit #38610048
Edit #38610008
Edit #38609999

I tried to correct the writer relationships and afterwards I realised that I got confused with the aliases of the same person: Finlay Dow-Smith & Starsmith is the same person.

And there is probably another artist Fin Dow-Smith which could be merged into one of the other two and then set as alias, because there is not much information about that artist and it seems as if it is the same as the other two.

I could cancel my edits but then there will be 3 writers and 2 of them would be exactly the same person. I could use some help as of what would be the best thing to do here.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve merged ‘Fin Dow-Smith’ into ‘Finlay Dow-Smith’, but didn’t tick the ‘Update matching artist and relationship credits to use the new artist’s name’ box. So that he’ll still be credited with the same spelling on the relevant releases/ recordings.

You could merge everything into ‘Starsmith’ using the same approach, but it’s unclear to me if the artist intends ‘Starsmith’ to be a completely different persona/ artist, or just a name variation.
It’s fine to leave them seperate and credit to the relevant artist, as credited in the liner notes etc, even if it is the same person.
Discogs has credited tracks 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 to Starsmith, and tracks 12, 15 to Fin Dow-Smith, so it seems like it’s fine to leave them seperate.

The important thing is that he’s credited under the same alias for each song as he is in the liner notes!

Hello aerozol and thank you.

I think it was a good idea to leave the ‘Update matching artist…’ checkbox unchecked, because the artist is credited as Fin Dow-Smith and Starsmith at the same time on at least one recording. The liner notes read:
‘Written by…and Fin Dow-Smith’, ‘Produced by Starsmith’. So I guess he uses both names as different personas.

Yes, you are right and that was what I wanted to fix, because on the MusicBrainz release/recording/work for tracks 3, 4 and 10 it reads ‘Written by … and Finlay Dow-Smith’, but the liner notes credits are ‘Written by …and Starsmith’ (at least the liner notes I have here.)

So, if someone wants to vote on the edits to get ‘Finlay Dow-Smith’ removed, since he is now credited as Starsmith, as in the liner notes, feel free to do so. I could also still cancel my edits and someone applies the changes right away.

Thank you again.

1 Like is waiting to happen and the medium that will be appended needs some work. Is it safe to do before the the linked edit expires?