Correcting a misspelled song title

I wonder if someone could help in speeding up my correction at this song title:

Obviously, the title is wrong as “The Quest Knkghts” (of course, it should be The Quest Knights").
I did initiated the correction, but it lingers on waiting an approval.
Anyone could help speeding up this approval ?

The indirect bad consequence is that when I play + scrobble this song on, it gets scrobbled with this bad name (despite my tag is correct, with “Knights”).


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Hey corneld, I think your edit did go through, but it was just to change the recording, not the track list for that release (slightly confusing, but actually very useful once you get used to it).

…and literally as I type this has fixed it, so should be good now, what a champ :slight_smile:

edit: if you want to see the two edits, you can look here:

Yours to change the recording, his to change the tracklist!


For the record, there is a topic for requests like this: Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread :slight_smile:

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