Auto-editor election: aerozol

Here comes the next auto-editor candidate: @aerozol (MB profile)

They’ve been involved with MusicBrainz for over a decade and know how things work around here.

I’ve experienced them as being an encouraging person and particularly friendly towards beginners. Lending a hand where they can, sharing tips & tricks and tools.

Incidentally the voting request thread was also started by them :slight_smile:

Concerning editing they add many physical releases that are not widespread including high quality scans. (Can’t do much wrong there unless you accidentally pick the wrong files :stuck_out_tongue:)
Besides that lots of other accepted edits fixing the obvious.

There are only few downvoted edits which I’m not concerned about since most are rather old or not necessary.


The voting has ended with an overwhelming amount of votes. Congratulations @aerozol and thanks to everyone who has participated.

As soon as you are added to the Discourse auto-editor group you’ll be able to reply and create threads in this category


Thank you @chaban, @outsidecontext, @Lotheric, and everyone who voted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a great respect for MB’s community and its incredibly committed and talented editors, and it’s nice to know that the feeling is mutual - especially since I’ve probably butted heads (ahem engaged in constructive debate) with about half of you over the years. Long may it continue!