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Seeking members for the unofficial MB Community Team!


  • Once a week, leave a encouraging or thankful comment on a completely new users edit. Something very simple, not a critique or suggestion - if there’s a response, engage in conversation, and offer assistance if wanted.

  • Once a week, shout out another editor (or yourself!) in this thread for a good editing effort or particular milestone. For instance, I noticed that X person has done an incredible job tidying X artist.

Why? I edited for ages without really hearing a nice word on MB. Getting another editor engaged with MB might be worth thousands of edits in the long run, and it might only take a “thanks”! I was reminded to finally do this by the Classical Cleanup which is a great initiative.

To join the team, post your shout out below
To opt out of team, or quit the team in future, don’t post a shout out :wink:


Almost totally agree with you. And it is something I already do. Too often there are editors ready to pounce and scream in the negative because of some pedantic rule break.

But there are HUGE efforts that go unnoticed. The editors who sit there for hours going through the credits in the booklets. Or scanning heaps of artwork. Or adding extra research to go that extra distance with external research.

Instead of screaming at a noobie who can’t make sense of the very weird rules we have here, extra effort should be made to push them onto the correct path. In my early editing days I was almost driven away by a number of editors who were getting upset at my confusion with the guidelines.

Because of the way I was “greeted” here by many I have often picked up noobies and helped them untangle something that another editor has just beaten them up over. But then I define “community” in a very different way to the modern idea.

Oh - and the one thing I don’t agree with? Why only Once a Week? This should be a normal thing for a community. Communities are supposed to work together.


I’ll start:

@holesovice has added hundreds (!) of releases to Agathocles in the last two weeks. Incredible effort! Agathocles has a lot of splits…

@IvanDobsky let’s keep this thread to positive shout outs - do you really need me to give you permission to leave more nice comments? These are just the simple requirements to join the PRO TEAM :slight_smile:


So, I started today to look at noobies and landed on this edit > https://musicbrainz.org/edit/68511818 [One of three] My first impulse was to vote no and find out if he was just trying to add to his bio. After visiting his links it appears he is self-promoting. Since you probably have run into this before, how should I handle this?

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The person is not a musician so you would explain them that MB is a music database and we don’t create artists when there are no relationships with any existing recording, release or performance.


Shout out to @chaban - seems like for years he’s been voting on a lot of my edits, popping up on pretty much every video game artist ever, and seems to edit daily? Not sure what else he’s up to but huge impact on video game music here for sure!


Oops, it seems I’ve forgotten to post a shout out last week and lost membership before joining fully :sweat_smile:

Well, chaban would’ve been an obvious choice for me too: Every time they vote Abstain instead of Yes on my edits, I know I could’ve done better :innocent:
In addition nobody (except the devs) seems to know all the tricks and traps of MB as good as them – almost every time I had a problem or spotted a bug, it was already reported by chaban.


One of the editors I admire most is @oparin1954, because they do an incredible job by uploading the complete artwork for many big box sets and collector’s editions – sometimes more than a hundred high-res images per release :exploding_head:
I don’t know how many hours this takes, but they must scan much faster than I do and therefore I really appreciate that work :+1:


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Shout out to @jesus2099, who walks among us dispensing user scripts that I forget I have until I use a different browser and get confused! Not to mention all the edits…


In the lonely world of my open edits pages there is sometimes a small ‘1’ in the darkness… that is often @Fabe56 checking in on my edits and leaving a vote <3

There are many other who I will mention eventually but Fabe56 is the current regular!


Héhé thanks @aerozol, even if sometimes I pass quickly and abstain a lot :wink:
And thank you, too, for all the excellent work you’ve done here.

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Shout out to @Akeldama, who continuously cleans up DistroKid (and other digital distributor labels). They are also uploading loads of high quality cover art scans, add new releases, fix and merge stuff.
What’s more is that they make use of the voting system :slight_smile:

When I started cleaning up DistroKid there were ca. 10 pages. I was nearly half way through and the next time I looked all the remaining stuff was done by them.


Wanted to give a huge shout to @rdswift who has been consistently helpful when people ask questions on the forums, and is one of the few amazing people who came as editors and then stayed to put their criticisms into action - particularly with his work around improving documentation.

The reason Bob stands out for me personally is because we seriously butted heads on something early on but I am so glad he stuck around :grinning:


@viper666 is another regular who votes on my stuff on and off - for years now!

Way back they first popped up on my subscriptions, with tons of edits related to metal artists, usually uploading excellent scans :heart_eyes: Too good.


I’m glad to be part of this awesome community while contributing with what i can :smiley:


@aerozol, welcome back to the MB community team this week, but also for cracking 100k edits, only took you 11 years :stuck_out_tongue:


@Chilkara, 4 pages of edits on Austin Wintory that I got to watch happen, always so nice when you get a notification and then new edits are popping up when you’re there!! :heart_eyes:


@TheBookkeeper, congratulations for your 3 millions edits!



Thank you loujin, your excellent scripts helped a lot to reach it!