MB Community Team ♥

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Big shout out to @ROpdebee who did a superb job dissecting and cleaning up the mess of agency work codes

I’ve already noticed them at the end of last year doing countless of style related fixes, merging and voting quite a lot.


Just wanted to say a personal thanks to @chaban for quickly approving some of my edits to fix featured artists in track titles. I don’t know how they do it, but somehow my new edits are constantly getting approved the next time I check on them.

chaban is a name known even by some of my good friends who edit on MB. Your massive contributions and donated time don’t go unnoticed my friend.


Shout out to @Albino-Gaming who is relentlessly chugging away adding one release after another almost every day incl. cover art and ISRCs.
Also making fixes to existing stuff, merging dupes and upgrading cover art of digital releases that falls into their area of interest.


It’s long overdue, a big thanks to @Avamander who has done crazy work with the Big Finish Productions audiobooks/dramas, since his first edit to the label in 2017, contributing ‘Dr Who: Horrors of Glam Rock:laughing:
And @eloise_freya who I’ve noticed contributing there with excellent edits for a while now as well.

This is what 27 pages of British audio releases looks like!

There is an audiobook-documenting shaped gap in the internet right now and adding this volume of cult releases goes a huge way towards making MB the place to fill it.


Congratulations to @chaban for reaching the first rank of the top voters of all time :1st_place_medal:


The one-million mark of total votes (excluding abstentions) is approaching quickly :exploding_head:


I am limited to manually noodling about with MB data and in my years here it’s been shown over and over that someone with a good head for data and a good feel for code can be worth 1,000 manual editors*

@MrClon is definitely one of those people! His Bandcamp data import thread is my favourite at the moment. Every time he posts it seems like there’s a whole new ocean of data about to be sifted! 200,000+ tags added the other day by MrClon.bot - WHAT THE… :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

*when it comes to certain tasks or bits of data - manual editors are of course needed for countless tasks and aspects nand you can’t have enough x


Shout out to Senax who suddenly left the project last week.
17 years he has been contributing to MusicBrainz and was an auto-editor for nearly 10 years.

He was focused on new artist additions going through the releases and relationships. Apparently he also worked on some reports regularly.

Tons upon tons of edits ensuring data meets basic quality standards. Merging dupes, removing spam and links where they don’t belong. Fixing lots of common mistakes by beginners, etc.
He didn’t make it to the top 10 of editors just for show, Senax meant business.


Sorry to hear it, Senax was a huge contributor.