Auto-editor election: ROpdebee

For this month I’m nominating @ROpdebee (MB profile)

They haven’t been an editor for too long yet but so far are kicking ass in terms of editing and voting.

Can you tell I’ve been anticipating this election ever since last week :stuck_out_tongue:

It seem they have no trouble at all understanding the guidelines, following discussions new and old alike, have a keen eye for details and, if it wasn’t obvious already, know how to do proper research.

Can’t remember any edit where they needed feedback so without further ado just a list of edits where they are flexing their (voting) skills:

Cover art:


Title style:

Editing system:

All their notes on others’ edits

They have also developed some awesome scripts in their spare time and otherwise contributed code to MB related projects:


Thus ends the election.
Congratulations @ROpdebee

You won’t able to post in this category just yet, rest assured I’ve asked @reosarevok to add you to the AE Discourse group. Added


I’m honestly still as astonished as I was when I received the notification last week. As you said, I haven’t been an editor for long yet, so this came as a complete surprise. I’ll try my best to scramble together some coherent sentences :sweat_smile:

First off, thank you @chaban for putting me forward as a nominee, for the kind words both in this topic and on IRC (I’ve been lurking!), and for the previous shout out. That really boosted my motivation to keep going, especially with those agency work codes. Thanks for approving those 100s of work attribute edits too, by the way.
Thank you to all those who voted in this election, for the trust and recognition. It really feels like I’m being knighted by the Queen herself and I’ll make sure to honour that privilege.
Thanks to everyone who’s left constructive feedback both on my edits and the edits of others that I have read, it taught me a lot.
And lastly, big thanks to all people involved in MB: staff, developers, editors, voters, both past and present, for making this a site in which I could spend thousands of hours.

Speaking of thousands of hours, I’m not quite sure how much of my time I’ve spent on MB so far, but I can tell you that I’ll spend thousands of hours more. It all started out of lockdown boredom, where I decided to digitise, document, and scan my parents’ collection of CDs, and at some point I got sucked into a black hole of editing and voting, and now I’m stuck there. I don’t even think I’ve reached 1% of that collection.
I’ve also got some cool ideas for userscripts which I’d like to implement when I take a couple of days off at work soon, so keep your eyes on the forums. I’ve got some other ideas as well, but I’m not going to spoil anything, so that’s for me to know and for you all to guess :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s time to dust off ye olde IRC client again too… Long story short, I’m not going anywhere :wink: