Auto-editor election: Akeldama

Almost forgot about this month’s election. It’ll be @Akeldama (MB profile)

He’s been around for 9 months longer than the profile indicates, i.e. since 2018-11-22 unless there was another name change I didn’t catch :wink:

I still remember being in shock when I suddenly saw “deleted editor” instead of his former name in the stats.

Lots and lots of edits whereas more than 30,00 are cover art. Very impressive and high quality too.
From the day I first came across his edits he was receptacle for feedback and continuously improved his workflow, absorbed more and more knowledge.

His diligence also shows in other areas:

Another big plus is he regularly votes with an eye for details.


Congratulations @Akeldama
Out of 32 participants 26 voted in your favor. The remaining people opted to abstain.

@reosarevok, please add him to the auto-editors Discourse group.