Allowing entry of artists without first entering a release

I’m surprised that MB allows the entry of an artist without first entering a release such as -Out of curiosity, enlighten me about the logic in allowing this.

I did send the editor an email asking them to enter a release. [see below]
Your edits really need to point to a release. Since it appears your recordings are available on apple & google, please add them to MB. This will add to your credibility.”

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MB data is used in many places outside of MB. I expect you are seeing an artist here who just needs a lookup on their name to work correctly and return a valid MBID.

There are a few artists in MB that are purely just link collections pointing at home pages and a Spotify or Bandcamp link.


A bit late, but I just want to say that just having musical artists in MusicBrainz to document that those musical artists exist/existed is good enough reason to have them in MusicBrainz.

MusicBrainz is not a “music releases database”, it’s a “music database”. If there’s a “BGIRL MAMA” that have been doing music in some form, then we should know about that artist. Even if we don’t know exactly what they’ve done (yet).