Track listing doesn't match Disc ID

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I came across this release:

Among the errors is that the tracks are out of order as verified by the official site, Discogs, Amazon, Allmusic, every site that has the CD listed I could find. I tried to re-order the tracks but was denied because the tracks are associated with a Disc ID.

That’s where it gets weird. The Disc ID shows track 3 is 1:50, which happens to match the track that should be there, Bim-bom. However, the current track 3 is 3:16. The other track errors follow suit. That is, the tracks in the wrong place do not match the Disc ID, but I’m not allowed to move them because of the Disc ID.

I tried changing the track numbers, but I’m not sure if that will work. If it will, please approve the edit so that I can work on the other issues with the release. If not, is there a way to fix this error without deleting the Disc ID?

First, you should actually apply the discID (“set track durations” that brings you to this page), so that the track lengths and discID length correspond.

Then – if I understand correctly the problem – you should rename tracks and recordings to correspond to your reference tracklist (the recordings do not seem to be shared with other releases, so that should not have side effects). The track numbers you try to change will not help reorganizing the tracklist, so I would cancel it.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply. I’m still confused how to proceed because the Disc ID is correct as far as I can tell. However, the track list doesn’t match with the Disc ID, and I can’t change it how it needs to be changed because the Disc ID is associated with the release. It’s like someone applied the ID to the release and then was able to re-order the tracks somehow. Just compare the Disc ID to the track durations. They don’t match, and I can’t make them match. I hope this makes more sense.

If you click on the link in @loujin’s message, it sets up the edit for you to change the track durations to match the disc id. First check that the new durations (shown in green) are correct, and then submit the edit. This will set the durations for the tracks in the release. You can then go in and change the track titles as required to place them in the correct order and match the new durations.

Ah thanks, I understand now. I’ll get to that when I’m on my computer again later tonight. Thanks for clearing it up. Too bad an admin can’t unlock the track movement and just move around the bad tracks. If I understand correctly, I’ll need to wait 7 days for the track durations to take effect, then I can correct the track listing, right?

I’m not sure whether or not the track duration update is an autoedit (meaning that it will get applied right away without the review period). In any event, you should be able to change the track titles right away. I believe these will take the standard review cycle. When you change the titles on the tracks, please remember to also change the associated recordings.

In those rare cases where you need something to go through sooner, you can post a request in the thread below to the auto-editors to intervene on your behalf. You can also post a request to have other users review the edit and vote, which can get the edit applied sooner (assuming you get three or more unanimous “yes” votes).

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Success! I went to the “set track durations” page, and it updated immediately. I had been on that page before, but didn’t grasp it was offering to set the track timing right just like I wanted it to. The tracks are now in the correct places. I made sure to choose the original recording, leaving the “feat” errors and apparent time errors for now. After the track list edit is approved, I’ll go back to the recordings and clean them up if they still need anything. Still more work to be done on this release, but I think the hard part will be over when the tracks are in the right spot. Thanks for the help!