Mentoring system for MusicBrainz editing/voting

Related to: New editors: a guided, staged, self-training approach - LONG I have an idea on how to improve the learning curve for new editors (like me).

So far you can learn by:

  • reading the documentation
  • asking questions or searching for answers on the forum
  • learning by doing and getting feedback on your edits
  • looking at how others do things

I think a mentoring system could be the missing link.
Obviously I wouldn’t want to force more work on already busy contributors - being a mentor should be a voluntary decision.
For now we could e.g. use this topic for people who would like a mentor and people who would be happy to do it to find each other. The mentor would then simply subscribe to the beginner-editor and vote and comment on their edits and point them to relevant documentation or forum discussions when appropriate. I think this is would already be a much better approach than a very long thread where you ask for feedback/votes on individual edits.

In the future this could be implemented in the software maybe? Once you reach a certain level of experience you get asked if you’d like to be a mentor. You’d then get additional settings where you could choose how many protégés you’d like to take on - or how many open edits you’d like to handle per day or week.

So what do you think?


I like that topic but your kind of post over there cannot get much attention.
It is good to have a post explaining a particular situation and one edit link, in context. :slight_smile: