Disambiguation for a live stream from a studio

During the pandemic many artists streamed their shows because it was not possible to play in front of an audience in the same room.

I consider this live. It was in front of an audience, although invisible for the artist. The artist addresses the audience and there is only one shot (per show). Without an audience, there can be as many takes as needed, even if they are all played live (=together).

But now I have a problem with the live disambiguation. The location where the show was held is well known, but was this the location of the event?

I thought of something like (live, 2020: live stream from Unterföhring, Germany)

Alternatively I could think of “live stream” instead of “live” and the location as usual.

But before I do anything, I wanted to get opinions on it, including whether this would even be recognized as a live event.

There was recently a thread about Live in the studio but it didn’t focus on pandemic concerts.


I added the disambiguation as proposed.

Probably not many of these shows will be released as an album, because - as the artist put it - “a little applause would be nice”

I thought (and preferred) you would use live stream instead of live:

live stream, 2020: Mastermixstudio, Unterföhring, Germany


live, 2020: live stream from Mastermixstudio, Unterföhring, Germany

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I wish you had said this before. I would have preferred that.

But I think, this variant is more in line with the guidelines. Only, the location is just the stage - the venue is the internet - therefore streamed from the stage.

(Nothing is hammered in stone - it can be changed)

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