How to handle same album(single in this case) having different UPC on every other digital release?

Hi I was adding Kazuyoshi Saito’s single named Boy on MB but saw that the UPC number is listed different on Deezer and Spotify. So, Should I make 2 different releases for the single(each with different UPC) or should I just leave the UPC field empty and only make a single release for it?
Thanks for reading my question and thanks in advance for helping me.

The links to online releases-
Spotify: Boy - Single by Kazuyoshi Saito | Spotify


Sorry for troubling everyone. I found the answer in docs


I think that that part of the guidelines is only referring to physical releases that have multiple barcodes printed on them.

See the information about digital media releases in the What should be added as multiple releases? section of the same document:

  • Differing barcodes. Not all services list releases’ barcodes, however, so do not automatically assume that no barcode being visible means a new release must be added.

That refers to platforms like Amazon Music that don’t expose barcodes - not platforms like Spotify that do. (Not sure about Deezer.)

(My point was that the guidelines say that different releases should be created for digital media releases that list different barcodes, which is the case here: Spotify has 4573556809305 and Deezer has 4573556861426.)