Artist real name/alias change

For the following artist, presently named “Hikaru Nanase [七瀬光]”:

It seems that she has not been using that name since 2015 at the least, reverting back to her legal name, Masumi Ito [伊藤真澄] for credits on album releases (in particular, as her discography page on VGMdb shows).

How would one go about moving the present name to an alias? Or should the name just be changed yet left intact? In which case (the latter), how would the romanized artist sorting be represented?

If she considers the names to be separate “projects”, then they should not have been merged. (“same person” is not valid criteria on its own for merging MB Artists.)

Per Rainbow Drops ~ようこそ!光の音粒の世界へ~,


That might pass the threshold for considering the name to be a different project.

In which case, how would one deal with the situation while still having all the relevant profiles linked?
Because as far as I see it, the “aliases” section is more often than not a complete mess when it comes to a lot of the JP artists I’ve seen who may have more than one name they go by in different places. But I’m unclear on how exactly to fix them so I don’t really do anything.
Some examples are what’s registered as “artist name”, “legal name”, etc.

off topic, I personally agree with separating Masumi Ito and Hikaru Nanase.

Well, if it’s actually a name change, then it would look something like these - where the credited name on the release group clearly falls within certain date ranges, and the same data is stored as aliases with date ranges:

This is a response I should have given months ago, but are there any functions for splitting the pages and assigning all the credits to the proper names?

You can try Edit artist credit from 伊藤真澄/七瀬光 - Aliases - MusicBrainz. With how messy this currently looks, I personally would start over, i.e.:

  1. Rename the current artist to “七瀬光/伊藤真澄” and disambiguate it that it should no longer be used.
  2. Create a new “七瀬光
  3. Create a new “伊藤真澄
  4. Go down each entry in 七瀬光/伊藤真澄 Aliases and redirect it to the correct entry.

Finally, c9ba47ca-0bd2-4814-966d-ecfb06d032a3 would either be allowed to be auto-deleted (including a loss of the jumbled edit history) or merged into one or the other (which will still result in the edit history not showing in one of the projects).


This arrangement certainly works out a lot better, and I finally got to see how to make aliases/name sorts for a JP artist’s name, thanks a lot for the changes.
It seems that the only thing left is “works”, and that seems like it may not go as easily as with recordings or album/artist credits.