When do the OC ReMix guidelines apply?

Style / Titles / OC ReMix series - MusicBrainz starts with (emphasis mine):

This page describes the style to be used for OverClocked ReMix (OC ReMix) tracks.

I opened some random releases credited to the OverClocked ReMix artist and found a bunch that don’t seem to adhere to the title guidelines at all:

Among the ones I opened, I don’t think I found any with track titles matching the guidelines as I interpret them. Most of the titles look like Rolling Start! (Daytona USA), while I think that Daytona USA ‘Rolling Start!’ OC ReMix is what the guidelines call for.

(The guidelines don’t say how to handle cases where there’s both a remix title and an original title, as in Vampire Snap (Castlevania - Vampire Killer). Should that be Castlevania ‘Vampire Snap (Vampire Killer)’ OC ReMix?)

I found some recording titles following the guidelines, like Doom II: Hell on Earth ‘Running From Evil Horde’ OC ReMix, but even within the same release, other recordings don’t follow the guidelines, like Crushing Headache (MAP06: In the Dark).

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Pinging dr @CyberSkull

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to my understanding, this applies to recordings but not tracks? at least that’s how I’ve always read that… also might make sense because recordings used to be called tracks

note, I don’t often deal with OCR artists and recordings

I thought that might be the case too, but I don’t really understand the point of making recording titles different from track titles for recordings that are often only included in a single release. If the intent is just to document the original works that are being rearranged (I don’t think these are typically remixes in the MB sense) or that these are part of the OC ReMix series, there are already relationships for that.

Perhaps the original intent was for this guideline to apply to standalone recordings.