Is pseudo release status here for the long haul?

Heyo what’s up.

So, I was adding some releases the other day and was thinking about pseudo releases in general. Like, the whole pseudo system seems so… inelegant. And so I was wondering, are there any plans to change it at some point?

I feel like years and years ago an idea was floated that at some point there could be an “alias tracklist” that would effectively be the same thing as current pseudo, just integrated more cleanly with the official release. And the only reason for the pseudo system to exists at all was that there was some technical hurdle with the better solution. And I feel like I remember that it was suggested that when the move to a new, better system happened, lot of the busywork could be automated by taking advantage of the translated/transliterated relationship that pseudo releases are encouraged to have.

Was there a plan at some point that was abandoned for reasons x, y and z? Did I dream all of that that up? :sleeping_bed:

MBz entities such as release and recording already have aliases that support data like locales, so it seems weird to me that it isn’t used for things like pseudo releases.

Anyways, that’s just what popped to my head. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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This might be the ticket you’re thinking of:

It’s still open with lots of votes and watchers, but it looks like it’s also nearly a teenager. :slight_smile:

There was a related schema change in 2016, but I suspect that supporting this would still require a lot of UI work.


It is still planned, but no ETA.


Ah, well, at least I didn’t imagine it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks to you both.