Create a new Release Group from an existing Release

How can I create a new Release Group from an exiting release.

Someone has already created Release “Pyramid” by The Alan Parsons Project - MusicBrainz but as an album of purely demo tracks this should have its own release group?

How can I achieve that?


If you click the “search” icon at the right side of the “Release group” field in the release editor, there’s an “Add a new release group” item at the bottom of the dropdown menu:

Make sure you give the release group a clear disambiguation comment like “Work in Progress” demos so it doesn’t get merged.

Edit: Maybe the release and release group title should just be Pyramid ‘Work in Progress’ since that appears on the front cover.


Thanks … I was sure there was something obvious I’d missed!

that, or I’ll often create a new release group from the top menu or the artist page


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