Creating a work page for a song with different official versions

So, for the following two albums (from the same series and production), there is a song that was originally made in Japanese, but translated and sung in Cantonese.
The title is either one of the two:
戦闘男児 ~鍛えよ勝つために~

The ISWC is [T-101.213.962-5] and it primarily represents the Japanese version, although the Cantonese is what was released as well as heard first.
For the lyrics tab, as well as the lyricist tab, should the translator be included directly in the work, or just on the recording?

there’s no way to credit the translator on the recording, as a translation automatically means a new work. it’ll have a different language at least, as well as likely having different identifiers (ISWC, BMI ID, JASRAC ID, etc.) and extra credits like the translator(s) (tho those might not be known in every case)

on the off-chance the ISWC is the same for both versions (I’ve seen similar done for recordings and ISRC), that’ll be added to both works

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It’s indeed the same ISWC, and the Cantonese version is listed as a variant under the main Japanese page.
The original lyricist and composer are the same, the only difference would be the translator?

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yes, and the work language, of course

When you say the same page, what do you mean?

If you mean the same JASRAC work, then, yes, they often group all transitions in a single work.

But here, I don’t see the Cantonese lyricist credits, only Japanese:

In MB we create one work per translation.

I have now created the Japanese work, linked to the Japanese recording:

I have also added the Cantonese work, linked to the Cantonese recording and to the Japanese work, as translation:

Thank you for the assistance, I thought that this particular user script was no longer functioning due to the new design on the JASRAC site. If it works well, I would like to learn how at some point.

This aside, it seems like the same will have to be done for these recordings:
Recording “香港観光歌〜アジアの楽園〜” by 関智一・天野由梨 - MusicBrainz
Recording “香港觀光歌” by 陳奕、黎允文、黃文廣、鐘蔚霊 - MusicBrainz

Unfortunately it’s not yet fully fixed. It only imports JASRAC code and ISWC, now.
It no longer imports credits and credits.