How to undo autoaccepted edits?

Hi, I wanted to add a promo release to an album so that both versions would show up but I think I did it wrong so I want to undo it all, but since the edits were auto accepted, I can’t seem to undo it. I’m worried that I just messed up the original work now…
The release is Take Me Away by Babble, and the original release has 8 tracks, but the promo disc has 3.

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Hello and welcome! You’ve properly added a 3-track promo release. Notice your edits have titles ‘add release’, ‘add release label’, and ‘add medium’. Next time check the ‘release group’ field and search to see if the group already exists. In this case you’ve created a new one and now we have two. I’ve submitted an edit to merge them together so we have one group with two releases in it.

Existing group: Release group “Take Me Away” by Babble - MusicBrainz
New group: Release group “Take Me Away” by Babble - MusicBrainz
Merge edit: Edit #111104968 - MusicBrainz


By the way I’ve submitted some edits for corrections that are pending on the promo release you added. You can respond in the edit notes if you like.


Alright, thank you so much!! I’ll go check those corrections right away.
Edit: it looks like I can only respond in the edit notes, I can’t vote on the changes to go through. Is that normal?

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Yes, I forgot there was a restriction on voting for beginners. When your account has 10 accepted edits and is at least two weeks old, you will lose ‘beginner’ status and full standard privileges (including voting) will be enabled.

Alright, thank you again for your help!