I believe my IP has been banned or blacklisted, could somebody check for me?

I have used Picard in the past on my library, it has been at least a couple years since I have used picard.

It seems my IP is banned, currently I can access musicbrainz.org from my moms house which is a few blocks away from my house, but I cannot access it at home.

Please send me a PM or reply to this post and I can PM you my home IP address.

I really appreciate any help with this, thank you.

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If you have a QNAP NAS device you might have ended up on the blacklist, see


@zas would be the one who can help with this.

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Thanks, I do not have a QNAP device, my NAS is just an ubuntu server with mdadm. I hope @Zas will still be able to help.

I just found #musicbrainz on irc, and sent zas a message there :slight_smile:

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IP was in a blacklist, now removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.