Update existing release with 'correct' date or create a new one

Trying to do some fixups and I was hoping to get a bit of advice on this:
Release group “Ghost City Tokyo” by Rachie - MusicBrainz currently has one release in it for when the track was uploaded to SoundCloud (after the original release date)

The original release on all streaming platforms was 6 months earlier - September 2020 vs March 2021

My question is, should I create a duplicate entry with this new date or update the existing one with the correct date and other locations?

I’m quite confident it is literally the same release, as the SoundCloud description points to a distrokid link, taking you to the streaming links which say September 2020

I know modifying key data like this is sometimes frowned upon so wanted to get some other perspectives


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i think that’s a short enough time between releases to update the date to the older one (unless there’s some major difference like coverart or title).

definitely make sure the older date is accurate though. distrokid lets you change the release date so it’s possible it was actually uploaded at the same time as the soundcloud one. best way to check in my experience is the youtube “artist - topic” upload (if it exists)


just checked and everywhere I can find - official YouTube channel and YouTube music - couldn’t find the topic but it’s an auto-uploaded one by YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxcfxo5IMYk and https://youtube.com/watch?v=5-NOtmF48dA if it’s of any interest) both are September 2020 (20th and 22nd respectively - I’d call that margin of error)

Cheers then I’ll start some updates tomorrow unless anyone else shouts up


SoundCloud usually doesn’t technically have a barcode, like other streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, etc.), so technically it might be a seperate release. that said, not all editors will be this particular with digital releases (nor this particular about missing barcodes)

I leave it up to you to decide tho~