A new MusicBrainz user script was released

Here is a new topic made solely for user script (grease monkey, user js) authors to inform all of us when a new script is created.

There are many scripts and it is difficult to know all of them or to know when something new comes up.

MusicBrainz users

You can install and use some great user scripts, that add features to MusicBrainz website, by following some simple steps.

Generally user scripts allow faster editing or seeing more information, or even importing data from other websites. The possibilities are infinite.

In addition to MB wiki External Resources, I hope this topic will be useful.

If you want to be kept informed of new scripts, please (subscribe to) watch this topic! :slight_smile:

User script authors

Please use this topic only for that purpose (for instance: no discussions, no updates).

Script author can write 1 post for 1 new script.
You can edit your posts at any time to include link to specific support topic, FAQ, download, issues, updates, better description, etc., no problem.

Please try to keep each post limited to

Name of the new script

Screen shot thumbnail(s) (click to enlarge, can be animated, can be before/after)

Useful links (both discourse internal and/or external)

I hope you will enjoy this topic. I think it’s more natural and intuitive to subscribe to this topic than to the userscripts tag itself (less visible and natural IMO).

I’m really eager to see cool stuff here!

@Bitmap @loujin @murdos please don’t hesitate to promote any already existing user scripts, as long as there is only one post per script! :slight_smile:

Also feel free to participate to the funny screenshot contest. :wink:


@jesus2099 thanks for creating this topic!
Let me show a script I published recently and that probably nobody knows about :stuck_out_tongue:

Show acoustids on a Work page

Description: Add two new columns with acoustID/acousticBrainz links of the recordings.
AcoustID shared by different recordings related to the work in question will be shown in a specific color. This makes it easy to find recordings that should be merged (same performer/recording artist, same acoustID).
Combining it with the “make columns sortable” script makes it even easier to detect the duplicate recordings


The documentation for my scripts is on bitbucket.
Please report bugs and suggestion to bitbucket or ping me on #musicbrainz on IRC


Another script where I hope to have some feedback, so it has its own topic




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Another old script that I thought of creating a topic for posting an animated GIF that may help understand how it works (the GIF can be replaced by a better one, later):


Merges selected or all recordings from release A to release B


There is a great new script by @Smeulf !

Unicode Characters (unicodechars)

This is a useful popup to insert some frequent special characters (like apostrophe, curly quotes, etc.) in all MusicBrainz text boxes (titles, artists, etc.).

Just press Ctrl+m and voilà ! (it’s a French script) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Merge recordings from acoustID page

Download on bitbucket
Launches a recordings merge operation from an acoustid.org track page: just select the recordings and click the “launch merge” button.

I needed this script because I often want to merge recordings based on a common acoustID (and other evidence as same durations, same performers, same label, etc.). When the recordings are all linked to a Work, I use my Show acoustids on a Work page script that will merge only recordings already linked to the work. If it not the case, this script should be useful, for example when a lot of different versions/arrangements of the work exist.

Misc notes:

  • I suggest to combine this with @jesus2099’s MB merge helpor 2 script for more flexibility
  • the script has to fetch info silently for each recording, so when merging X recordings, it should take X seconds to display the merge page
  • tested with firefox and tampermonkey

Sounds like another one for @colbydray’s User Script List wiki page. Great work. Thanks.

EDIT: Oops, looks like this has already been added and I missed it. Sorry about that.


Did you not mistake title here?
Shouldn’t it be Merge recordings from acoustID page, instead?

Even if not merge soon, I suggest a cool feature.
As you are loading recording data already, maybe you could show which have pending edits?
With the URL you’re fetching (https://musicbrainz.org/ws/js/entity/<mbid>), you can see "editsPending": true, if it’s the case.

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Absolutely, thanks. Fixed

Good point, I’ll try to add that soon


@IvanDobsky, @paulakreuzer and @Lotheric have suggested this idea and I have added the following new user script to my github repo:


It will always display full artist discographies (including non official release groups) by default.

You can try with this normal DAVID BOWIE link. If you click it (either left or right), it should instantly turn into and direct you towards the famous Show all release groups instead (all=1) link.
Then you can use the Show only official release groups instead (all=0) link to go back to official‐only display.

Bear that in mind if you want to share an artist link with right‐click/copy, you will get the modified URL.
If many people prefer that the script does not modify the URL when right‐clicking, please comment in this ticket.

※ I will soon stop using greasyfork and openuserjs mirrors


Brilliant! Doesn’t seem to work for me at the moment though? Edit: It works, just not when I click on your forum link for some reason :slight_smile:

While I have your brilliant mind handy, how hard would it be to indicate whether there are various artist releases somewhere before clicking the link? Like you’ve done with the cover art tab (tells you how many images are there before clicking).

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Create Broadcast release from recording

That might be useful for people adding podcasts on MB.

Description: from an existing recording page, create a new release of Broadcast type containing only this recording (i.e. follow the official guideline for podcasts).

(see the “create broadcast release” button on the bottom right)

You should be able to just validate the “add release” edit, since all fields should be prefilled correctly: same release title and artists as the recording, track with the same title and same artist, using the preexisting recording (also copy the “streamed for free” link if existing)

Download link on github


Clone relations in Release Editor

An often asked-for script: clone relationships from one recording to some others in the release editor.

Select the recordings you want with the usual checkboxes (including the one you want to copy from), enter the index number of the recording you want to copy from (by default the 1st one), and click “Clone relations”.

Credits, attributes and dates should be cloned too; recording-recording and recording-work relations are skipped.

Download link on github

Ping me here or open an issue in case of trouble, I only tested a few basic cases

Edit: discussion moved to Clone relations in Release Editor


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I’ve got two userscripts to share with you all today.

Bulk copy-paste work identifiers

Quickly import work identifiers (ISWC, agency work codes) from ISWCNet.


ISWCNet is a great resource to find a bunch of work identifiers, but copy-pasting all of them into the work edit page is quite the chore. No more! When installed, it’ll add a button to each work in ISWCNet’s search results, and a button to each work edit/create page in MusicBrainz. Click the button on ISWCNet, switch to the edit page, click the button there, and spend the time you saved in other useful ways.

Find it on GitHub (direct install link).


  • At the moment, the script does not sanitise any IDs, but it does internally normalise them to check for duplicates.
  • Currently, it can only copy data from ISWCNet, but other repertoires can be added.
  • The script is fairly conservative, and will ask for confirmation whenever it detects that there are IDs in MB that aren’t on ISWCNet.
  • Once the button is clicked, the copied data is cleared and cannot be repasted without copying it again. This is intentional, to prevent accidentally reusing data on other work pages.

Display CAA image dimensions

This script has been such a godsend that I honestly forgot that it was a userscript and not built into MB. Displays the dimensions of images on CAA inline, underneath each image.

Can also be found on GitHub (direct install link).


To get these dimensions, the script loads the full-size images in the background. This can be a burden on your network, especially for pages with many images, so loading is deferred until the first time the image is visible on the page (i.e., it won’t load until you scroll to it). In addition, loading is aborted as soon as the dimensions are known, so effectively, only a small portion of the full-size image should actually be transferred for it to work.


MusicBrainz Magic Tagger Button

A user script to improve handling of the green tagger button Open in tagger:



A script that allows you to print your collection on paper sheets, nicely.
Ideal for second hand shops, feal markets, with your what you already own list, in hands: