Request for userscript that sorts collections by "added" date


sorry to ask again…

Is there some kind of script that add a “added on” tab on the collection ?

To be more specific, for example, on your collection page, you can sort your albums by artist names or by format, date, country, label… and more. But no option for “Date added”. Discogs as this option, so maybe i didn’t see it.

If it’s not possible, is there some kind of script that can do that ?


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As far as I can tell, we’re not storing the date a given entity was added to a collection, so it isn’t possible to show that information either. (I might be looking at the wrong table though. MB has a lot of tables…)

Added to what? To MusicBrainz, the collection, something else?

Date of adding to collection. :slight_smile:
It was a bit discussed in a ticket:

Added to your collection, yes.