Clone relations in Release Editor

This topic about @loujin’s new Clone relations in Release Editor:


@loujin, so it does copy recording relationships.

Do you think you could copy the remote release’s release relationships?

I don’t remember what I needed the most but your script seems great and useful!

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Just to be clear, the script only clones relations within a release for the moment. I was probably asked also about a script to copy relations from another release but I haven’t looked at that yet.

Not sure I get it, you would like to point to another release and get the release relationships from there to the current release?


@loujin - Thank You for yet another very useful script, but for some reason the button won’t push for me in Vivaldi browser. I have this issue with other scripts of yours. “Copy Dates” and “Guess Works” work fine, but this new one and “Relation Attributes” have buttons that don’t “push in” for me.

BUT if I swap to Firefox on a different PC and use them in exactly the same way there is no problem. Both using Violent Monkey to run the scripts.

Just tried this out to copy 27 vocal artists from one recording to two other versions of it - works brilliant in Firefox. Superb time savers you produce. ( )


Oh sorry, then my request is not relevant. :sweat_smile:

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HI @loujin - a bug report for you. Or just confused copying pixies

Err… had something WEIRD happen today.

I was in this Release: and wanted to copy the artist relationships of the recordings from this release:

I went track by track, and use the edit box at the top of the page to paste in the URL of the recording I wanted to copy. In the Quad version, copying from the Vinyl version.

BUT something has reversed.

The “sampled by” became “samples of”. And “remixes” became “remix of”. i.e. the 1975 track was suddenly a remix of a 21st Century track and somehow using samples from music written decades after it. Time travelling… or accidentally reversal of reality.

I am fixing the errors now, but if you are quick enough you can click on the Quad link above and see the comedy in action as I now delete those unexpected relationships.

Oh, and this is still borked in my Vivaldi browser. I have to fire up Firefox to use it. Weird - some script buttons work, some don’t.

Looks like the script does not handle the relation direction (only a problem on recording-recording relations I generally don’t use)
I opened that I’ll keep updated when I have a tested solution

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Yep, that is what I am seeing here…

I kinda guessed that is how it slipped past testing. Thank @drsaunde for spotting this. If I had seen these I would have removed them in the initial edit.

Thanks for your time saving scripts. :slight_smile:

Hi, @jesus2099, just noticed this script. Could I ask - can you modify it to make it work with recording-work relations. 99% of my working time in relationships editor is to manually assign/copy credits from recordings to newly created works. Such modification of the script would ease my life a lot!

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It’s a @loujin script. :slight_smile:

Can you give me an example? I’m not sure if you mean you want to copy an existing recording-work relation from a recording to another, or that you want to transform relations on an existing recording to the equivalent relations on the newly created work

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Ok. Here is the screenshot. Lets say i created a new release and assigned artists for the track list. Now i want to create new works for these new recordings and simply copy already assigned artists for the tracks to these new works (since mostly they are the same).

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Track artists are performers but what role do they have on works?
Performers are not always lyricists or composers of the works they perform.
And even if they are, you would have to say whether they are lyricist and/or composers, so, it’s not really a straightforward copy any more.

Also as you have already selected some artists for tracks, the last 10 artists are in your recently used artists drop down selector when you want to add a new work-arist relationship.


Coz i am working with soundtrack and production music, so in these cases its mostly the same people. +Also i am checking PROs.

And i know about recently used, but its still a double work to assign them second time + high probability of human error when many of them or large release.

Do you already know about PRO inaccuracy for work credits?

Yes, but we are going offtopic.


Sorry, as @jesus2099 said, there is no easy way to convert artist-recording relations to artist-work ones. If you know a bit of javascript and the MB relations model you can try to modify to convert artist-recording link types to artist-work ones.

@loujin: IIUC, the actual idea @Darkloke needs is a way to turn track / recording artists into work composers. I guess you don’t have anything for that either? Track artist into composer might actually be useful for classical too sometimes, although I guess it’s often easy enough to batch-add.

Ah, I misunderstood then. No, I don’t have a script for that either