Clone relations in Release Editor

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This topic about @loujin’s new Clone relations in Release Editor:


@loujin, so it does copy recording relationships.

Do you think you could copy the remote release’s release relationships?

I don’t remember what I needed the most but your script seems great and useful!

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Just to be clear, the script only clones relations within a release for the moment. I was probably asked also about a script to copy relations from another release but I haven’t looked at that yet.

Not sure I get it, you would like to point to another release and get the release relationships from there to the current release?


@loujin - Thank You for yet another very useful script, but for some reason the button won’t push for me in Vivaldi browser. I have this issue with other scripts of yours. “Copy Dates” and “Guess Works” work fine, but this new one and “Relation Attributes” have buttons that don’t “push in” for me.

BUT if I swap to Firefox on a different PC and use them in exactly the same way there is no problem. Both using Violent Monkey to run the scripts.

Just tried this out to copy 27 vocal artists from one recording to two other versions of it - works brilliant in Firefox. Superb time savers you produce. ( )


Oh sorry, then my request is not relevant. :sweat_smile:

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