Unicode characters userscript

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Hi everyone,

For everyone who wants some easy way to type the unicodes characters for apostrpohe (U+2019) or suspension points (U+2026) in musicbrainz, I just wrote a userscript to display a custom context menu on every input text and textarea of the website.

Just select the input you want to type in, and press “Ctrl+M” to pop up the menu. Then select the caracter you want to insert using either the mouse or the up/down arrows.

The userscript is avaliable freely for installation and use at https://github.com/Smeulf/userscripts/raw/master/mb.unicodechars.user.js

Tested under Chrome+Tampermonkey, Vivaldi+Violent Monkey (thanks @jesus2099), Firefox+Tampermonkey (thanks @rdswift) and Opera+Tampermonkey (thanks @Lotheric)

Should you need more caracters, please just let me know. Before any request, please ensure the userscript is up to date :wink:

Have fun!



V0.3 adds quotes and dashes
V0.4 now working on Firefox
V0.5 fixes munu visibility to hidden when created
V0.6 Prime and Double Prime



Nice idea, but I can’t get it to work with Tampermonkey and Firefox 59.0.3 (64-bit) under Windows 7. The menu shows up at the bottom of the page and doesn’t accept any mouse clicks or arrow keys to select the line to copy. When I place my cursor in a field to edit and press Ctl-M, nothing happens.

I can confirm that it works fine under Chrome and Tampermonkey.


Wow this new version with keyboard control is great! :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for the comment !

I’ll try to make it work under Firefox later, and keep you posted!


Thanks. Some additional characters you might want to include are em dash and en dash, and opening and closing quotes (single and double).

BTW, great utility! I can see this becoming one of my “must have” additions. Well done.


Any chance you have the unicodes values yet?

About quotes, that’s in my plans. I’m thinking about opening, closing, and opening+closing with the caret between them (hope I’ll manage to do it)

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking.

BTW, I think your “Suspension points” is actually called an ellipsis.


No problem, gonna find them :wink:

“Horizontal ellipsis” if I’m correct, I’ll update it during the evening, thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile:

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Now I understand. Em Dash is U+2014 and En Dash is U+2013.


0.3 update: Quotes, Dashes and “Horizontal Ellipsis” !



Looks good, except I think you may be showing the wrong code for right double quote on one of your lines. The right double quote and left & right double quotes show different U-values. Still not working in Firefox (although I’m not sure if you looked at that yet). Thanks.

Oh yeah, I sent an email to @colbydray to let him know about this so he could add it to his wiki page of user scripts. I hope you don’t mind.


Yes I was, fixed on version 0.4

Now supported! Please let me know, Firefox is not my main browser, so I won’t catch problems.
I also changed the menu font family, I prefer it this way ^^

I must thank you about that :blush:



Works like a charm on Firefox. Thanks again for a very handy utility.


I would really use prime (symbol for minutes) and double prime (seconds and inches), as well.


Updated :slight_smile:

Next step will be to beautify the menu (it’s ugly right?), and I’ll try to add some customisation: Should I maintain a german artist with my french keyboard, I may want to add ß as a regular caracter, or a ø for a swedish artist.

But I don’t want those caracters to be published for everyone, or this tool might become the full unicode list, and then too hard to use…


Swedes don’t use “ø” though. :man_facepalming: Danish and Norwegian has æ, ø, and å, Swedish has ä, ö, and å. :wink:


My appologies to all all swedish people. No offence ment :slight_smile:


It clashes with Opera’s default keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+M is default for Tab Menu in Opera). Fortunately, shortcuts can be changed.

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I don’t think it’s a big problem as the script only blocks that Ctrl+M shortcut when you are in a MusicBrainz text box.

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