Fix mixed artists

Hello. I want to help make sure information is quality and consistent. If someone can either help me with this situation, or tell me what to do, that would be great. Tagging some of my own music, and I noticed with the artist (G)I-DLE that for one album, the artist name is usually a slightly different character for the dash, which also appears to be appearing as the default rendering for their artist name. Looks like it’s flipped back and forth a couple of times for the artist / album, looking at the edits, so new releases are switching back and forth too. What’s the proper way to sort this out?



Sometimes it’s a MINUS-HYPHEN (U+002D) as in (G)I-DLE, the key that you can type with your usual keyboard and that is either a minus sign or a word hyphen. Current example:

Sometimes it’s a proper HYPHEN (U+2010), as in (G)I‐DLE. You have to use a software like BabelMap / Unicode map or the unicodechars userscript to type it. Current example:

Earlier discussions about it (I don’t dare to advise the use of either character now):