Release title with dots

Is it correct adding this release

with the release name “…Watch The Planes Cut Through The Grey Sky…”?

Same as the other thread - Discogs Import script does not correct The Capitals That Are In Their Pages As They Capitalise Everything.

Anything you bring across you need to adjust to fit the MB way. :slight_smile:

There is a tiny Guess Case button next to where you enter the title


Sure - I missed that, as I was more concerned about initial dots being “legal”… but seems they are! :wink:

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Yeah, the dots are legal. It is what is on the title. But wait around long enough and a Unicode Pixie pop’s up and turns them into a single ellipsis character like so ( … )


Uh! Didn’t know that character existed!


There is a Dark Side to editing inhabited by Unicode Pixies. They come along and change what you type so your tagging goes weird and you get confused why albums don’t sort any more in your file system.

Did you know there were seven different types of dash? Yeah - we have only one on our keyboards but there are Unicode Pixies out there who will come in the night and “correct” what you add to the database.

EAC is rather good at fixing these as there is a character swap option that will put things back as “normal” for those of us who only know of a single type of dash. Picard almost can over-ride them too.

For me it is those dashes that are especially confusing as not only do I not understand the rules, but I can’t visually see the difference. :smiley:

I do try and “correct” the apostrophe’s as I do at least understand those better.

Just another one of the little quirks of MB and their strive for perfection.

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The dash - and the em dash — are pretty different :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s one of those many things where if you don’t know, then you don’t need to know. Or worry about it! But these things have their uses in some lines of work.

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Yeah - go pick the two extremes as examples. But what about those ones in the middle of the list :joy:.

The first time I saw EAC write a different dash I was really confused looking at a list of directories on my PC. I could not work out why the order had swapped around. Turned out some were hyphens, some dashes, with barely a pixel of difference.

I do have my own OCD so understand why some people need to put in the correct typographical option. Just for me I prefer functional over pretty :wink:


If you want to become a Unicode Pixie there is a script to add a menu for Unicode Chars

Install that and then a CTRL+M gives you access to the secret list of twiddly bits. I’d use it more but I keep failing to really understand the different dashes so leave the advanced stuff to others.


Foobar2000 sorts these dashes nicely (weights them all the same) so I get to keep my delicious typographical cake and eat it as well :relaxed:

Search for a regular dash will find the rest as well.

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I never feel very confident with direct links and here with a server I am not sure is really longterm tied to :shushing_face:

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I copied it out of the version I had using the HOME button in ViolentMonkey. I never know how to find that linky you provide there. Thanks

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I just go to the homepage, browse a bit, and right-click: copy link address.