Unicode characters userscript

Thanks @jesus2099! I was about to create a customisation setting to select the key assigned to the menu, but ran in a problem where when changed and not working, there was no way out to change the key again because the setting option would have been in the menu itself.

@Lotheric in Opera then you just have to click out the input box to get the normal Ctrl+M working again. Sorry about that, but given the behavior, it’s not worth changing the script. I’ll add a note on Github about it, so everyone will know.


I have suggested to add the « press Escape to close popup menu » shortcut:


@Lotheric, I realise you are on Opera.
I thought you were in Vivaldi, where the userscript takes precedence over the same « show menu bar » Ctrl+M shortcut.

But is it really clashing in Opera?
I mean, you cannot use the script at all?

I tested on Opera with Tampermonkey. It works as described: CTRL+M on imput shows the custom menu, outside input shows classic Opera tab selection menu.

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I removed the tab menu shortcut because in a musicbrainz box or not, I always got tab menu as a result. But since your comment I reset the shortcut in Opera and tried again and now it’s working as you say. I’m using Tampermonkey (Chrome version since Opera’s version is so far behind) + “Install Chrome Extensions” by Opera and Opera 53.

tl;dr, it works now :slight_smile:


Some suggestions…

‐ U+2010 (Hyphen)
ΠU+0152 (Ligature of O and E)
œ U+0153 (Ligature of o and e)
« U+00AB (Guillemet, French Quotation Mark)
» U+00BB (Guillemet, French Quotation Mark)
ᵒ U+1D52 (Superscript o)


I made some beautification on the menu, see V0.8.

It’s now integrated :slight_smile: Thanks!

I have a doubt with hyphen, seems like it’s the correct one typed with the keyboard. Can someone confirm ?

For Œ, œ, «, » and ᵒ, seems specific to one or 2 languages, and even if I may add them for my specific use, I won’t add them by default. As said, if someone don’t maintain any french artist, he/she won’t need it. It will be possible to add them using the customisation menu I’m working on.


Yeah most of my suggestions are useful for french releases (except for the hyphen).
What we have on our keyboards is not hyphen (U+2010) but Hyphen-Minus (U+002D).


There has been some discussion about which hyphen to use for hyphens previously:


Thanks @Freso, very instructive.

I’ve just add Hyphen (U+2010) and Minus (U+2212) to the menu.

Sorry about the long delay for this update, but there was a huge conception error in the last version that was prohibiting easy update as just adding the character in the list. I had to rethink my code, but it’s now solved :slight_smile:


Wow “Ctrl+M” to pop up the menu nice keyboard setting at all.


@Smeulf, the script does not tell MBS that it has changed the text so, if the script change is your last change, MBS does not notice:

I have then submitted small path to fix that.


Hi @jesus2099!

Many thanks for the report, and for the fixes!

I’ll run some tests today, I want to check how it works if you try to change a character with the same one. Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of the day. I’ll keep you posted.


That’s a very good test indeed!
I tried with “Heroes”, nothing funny happened. :slight_smile:


Same here with some apostrophe, it’s working great!

PRs are now merged and versions are updated. So the scripts should auto update for everyone.

Current stable version is 0.10.0.

Thanks again!


I’d love to see Figure Dash added.

{"code": "\u2012", "name": "Figure Dash", "offset":1, "enabled":true, "default":false},

@chaban please update your script, it should appear now :slight_smile:

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Hi @Smeulf,
I’ll still using your script a lot.

I remember you had a branch with a work in progress version with several categories of characters is sub-menus, but we are still using the simple (but great) version.

Did you abandon this advanced version?
It was called extradev or something like that.

edit: It seems Smeulf has not been around for a while. :sob:

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Hi @jesus2099.

Indeed you’re right about all topics.

Been so long since I’ve been around, 'cause work is taking me away from a lot of things…

But I’m still alive! :slight_smile:

About the extradev branch, indeed it was not published because unfinished. You can still find it on GitHub it was not deleted, but I can’t guarantee it’s working. I remember something stopped me in that dev, but I ‘what?’ remains the question.

I assume you’re asking because you miss some chars in the main branch. I still can add some of needed. Just ask :wink:

And I will have some time at the end of July, I’ll take a look on this code to see if I can finish it or if it’s really a dead end.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, any comment or bug report on the current release or on the extradev branch is always welcome on GitHub.



So nice to see you! :slight_smile:

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