Album/Cover Art Questions/Requests

  1. Could the album art dimensions be added below the artwork? I know it’s under “show more details” but that’s one more click (times hundreds of albums) as I’m trying to clean up my collection. Even if it’s a pop-up when you hover - that would be helpful.
  2. Is there a way to prevent LOWER res album art from ever replacing HIGHER resolution artwork?
  3. Are there suggestions for the Cover Art Providers section? I always want the highest resolution artwork available, and don’t care where it comes from.



+1 for a setting to avoid replacing higher res cover art with lower res cover art - and to avoid this alone causing albums to be shown as “not perfect”.

But we also need a more general fix to identical cover art causing albums to be “not perfect”.

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There is a great userscript by @ROpdebee that displays image sizes here:

And there is a ticket for adding the functionality to native MB, with discussion in it, here:

Also related: This ticket about displaying image filesizes
And another re image dimensions

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This seems to be about Picard though :wink:



oh hold on…

…where are they…


…ah there they are

Thanks @ROpdebee : D