Display cover arts in MusicBrainz pages: “mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS”

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Continuing the discussion from Introduction thread!:

Hello @Choco, I found one related open MBS ticket:


Besides this, I have made a user script that is not really perfect at all (known issues) but that will display cover arts in most pages of MB, including collections.

I paste below its original description (and some updated instructions where needed), this text and its screen shots are quite old, so tell me if anything is weird.
If you want to install it, you have the choice between its source on GitHub (where you must click Raw button to install) or mirrors like Greasy Fork or OpenUserJS (don’t use userscripts-mirror.org).

musicbrainz.org: CAA front cover art archive pictures/images (release groups and releases) Big illustrated discography and/or inline everywhere possible without cluttering the pages

Notice: Images display on HTTPS-CAA has much more latency than on HTTP-CAA because of the LA RÈGLE DES 5C.
I have therefore made forceHTTP = true; as long as HTTP is faster for CAA images, even if you are using HTTPS://mb, no problem, tested in 3 major browsers (or tell me if problem).

BIG PICS and/or SMALL PICS everywheres in da house.
As usual it’s both AWESOME and cross‐browser compatible. :wink:

You can switch on/off: ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY and/or INLINE CAA in the settings (source code).


var bigpics = true;

Great in collection, artist (discography), release group, releases and label but also surprisingly shamelessly cool in recording, cdtoc, ratings, TAGS etc. as well as in all kinds of release search and release group search and of course the almighty annotation search.

Crazy picture sizes are no problem, they’re actually ultra piece of cakes.

Picture sizes are no problem, they’re actually ultra piece of cakes


(Heavenly inspired by nikki’s)

INLINE CAA (true / false)

click release(-group) pics to enlarge them
click pics to enlarge them :arrow_upper_right:

(Imagine this everywhere you find releases and release groups)

New MusicBrainz user scripts
Your favourite User Scripts for MusicBrainz?! (so that they can be used while redesigning!)

If you have an Android phone, there is a way to run this script:


Thanks so much for this one @jesus2099, I use it all the time (just the inline images), and it’s what encourages me to add cover art :slight_smile:


Nice. Look very small on the Collection pages, sadly. But thanks for the work.

Hope it will give ideas fo a native implementation in the near future…

Thanks again and for the thread creation.


@jesus2099 first of all: thanks, for this and many other great scripts. :+1:

My question is: Would it be possible to display the cover art in release merges too? It is being displayed in many other types of edits, where I don’t always see the sense, but for release merges it would be really helpful. After all different cover art is a reason not to merge even if everything else looks the same.