Display cover arts in MusicBrainz pages: “mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS”

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I am sorry to say @jesus2099 but with one of the latest updates you must have broken something: On pages with many release groups not all cover art is loading anymore. I am using both the big pictures and the small pictures and today I have encountered two strange behaviours of your script that I have not seen before:

  1. Every time the page is reloaded different release groups are affected by missing cover art (browser console has a mix of 503 and CORS errors).
  2. Some release groups show both the small inline pictures and the big ones on top of the page, some display only one of them, some are missing both.

I did not have a look at the code yet, but maybe you are querying the CAA twice for each picture in the newer versions and this causes (some of) the problems? For debugging I can recommend this series as a test case which has over a hundred release groups with numbers on their covers, so it is very easy to spot the missing pictures :wink:

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Hi @kellnerd, thanks for the other regression report in github.
For this one, it looks related to what I’ve seen on some smaller lists:

It’s since I tried to make a cleaner script that uses CAA API instead of brutally trying all image loadings.
Maybe this ticket will fix your issue too. I’ll check that.


Hi @kellnerd, it’s fixed! :slight_smile: