Script for printing collections

You mean exporting all the releases with Artist + Title?

What a cool idea… I’m guessing you mean these pages:

I wonder if this would be worth a feature request?

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Yes, in a nice printed page A to Z.

Yes, so we can print our collection out.

Wonder too as:

  • Data is already available (with some IT knwoledge)
  • Formatting is user dependant

You could request something more generic in order it serves more users.
ex: able to export tables in csv


This option x 100. Currently I am limited to a copy\paste of the screen and dump it into notepad++ for formatting

Imagine if a bored Database scripter came up with a script that could also add other columns like MBID to that CSV.

I made a printing-friendly user CSS for collection with a JavaScript to append all pages together on one page, make a big long table.


I don’t find them back.
They may ot have been compatible with current MBS because after that, I made the COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER to workaround MBS-3491 instead.

But now that extension support is threatened on Android (only Firefox 68), I am interested again.

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You can get a list of releases in a collection in JSON (or XML) using the API.
Using one of @aerozol’s public collections as example (because they are already linked in this thread) is probably a good start.
It should be relatively easy to transform this into CSV with a userscript if this is the format most people would like to have, maybe I will give it a try (but I can not promise it). Or is @jesus2099 already coding something fancy?


Oh I will not try to redo my website based script as you are right, we should do with the API, it is far more maintainable.
I have a problem of time.
I won’t work on this anytime soon but will most certainly use the feature a lot, if someone makes it!

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Seconded. This worked fine for me. I wrote some python code using the requests library to import my collection in JSON format. After that, it was relatively straightforward to convert to a csv file.

I remember Excel files are always a challenge to make things inside the printing zone and correct multipaging, no?

Maybe I will eventually try to redo my CSS with endless loading… When I have some time. Don’t count on me.

If you want the MBID you can already do a right click/view source code of page rather than copy paste into notepad :stuck_out_tongue:

CSV is just plain text. Comma Separated Text. Nothing as complex as Excel.

The trick I do is to copy\paste into OneNote. It gives a nice clean table without any cleaning up needed. But then I realise not many people use OneNote.

Haha - I just looked at “view page source” and got one long line of text without even a line feed!

A simple, dumb, export to plain text file would be such a useful addition. This is another place where MB needs to nick more ideas from Discogs as their Collection has an export to CSV option.

I would prefer a printable page, like the OP.

Apparently for some versions of Chromium browsers, one would have to add a strange workaround for it to repeat table headers on each printed page (that other browsers do genuinely).

div#content table.tbl > thead > th { break-inside: avoid; }

To be verified.

I heart userscripts, but everything’s better when embedded into the product imo!

So, even if it’s unlikely:


:warning: It still does not load the full collection.

At the moment, I have just done the basic css for print.
I still need to copy my page loader from mb_COLLECTION-HIGHLIGHTER.
It should not be long but I am busy now.
And I thought also of having a checkbox toolbar at the top, to unselect the columns you don’t want to print.
And maybe never print label disambiguation comments.

Before installing it, go to your collection first page and press Ctrl+P or Ctrl+Shift+P to preview print.

Then install it (Raw button in GitHub), go to your collection first page, click the yellow button, then preview print again, to see the difference.


Now my script is fully functional on collections.

yellow button

  1. Go to your collection’s first page (Overview tab)
  2. You can optionally order by what column you want
  3. Click on the yellow Load all pages for print button
  4. Wait for all pages to be loaded and appended // s(h)it back and relax
  5. Launch your Print preview (usually now it’s Ctrl+P shortcut)
  6. Try printing colours and backgrounds for better readability


It’s even useful on mobile (Android Firefox 68.11.0 only) where the Page > Save as PDF makes a very usable PDF out of it.
Very convenient to inline search your whole collection, when in shops, without being able to print.


Excellent work @jesus2099. I also like the fact that this solution lets us hit the column headers to set the sorts before printing.

BONUS FEATURE: It also makes my copy\pasta trick work direct into Excel. Just drag a selection box around the whole table, starting from the header row at the top and scroll to the bottom of the web page.

Best part of that is all those copy\pasta’d links are kept too. So now I have a spreadsheet of album titles that can be clicked and dive into MB pages.