How to export collection to CSV?

I have a Linuxmint desktop and Musicbrainz Picard v 2.6.3.
I am new to Musicbrainz. Now adding my CDs. My collection is public.
I am familiar with Discogs export and would like to do the same with Musicbrainz.

How do I export my Musicbrains Collection to CSV ?
Do I have to learn how to write a script? Is it easier to export from the App, or the online collection?



There’s a ticket MBS-4948, I think it covers this and more.

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Userscripts is the key. You need this one: Script for printing collections - #19 by jesus2099

And have a read of the rest of the previous thread on the subject.

My method to get a CSV like you request is a combo of the script and a copy\paste as explained in those last three posts

Edit: actually your list is still pretty short. So you can copy\paste that into a spreadsheet already. Just highlight all the text from the top of the table to the bottom, copy, then paste into a spreadsheet app. The table will copy clean for you. Just tested in Excel. Bonus points means you get clickable URLs in your spreadsheet.


Yup, I was just about to post another reply, you beat me to it :smiley:

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Haha - well, this is one I knew how to do as I do it myself already. Copy\Pasta works really well on that simple table. I also knew where to find the thread from last time. @jesus2099 script makes things so much easier once you get beyond one page of a collection.


Seems to be a bug on that Collections page at the moment. Or maybe just me in Vivaldi.

The Country and Date columns seem to have merged into one entity. Which is a little odd when trying to export. A fix can be hacked for that in your spreadsheet\CSV by duplicating the column and cutting out the first two letters for the country.