The Musicbrainz Album Club - Initial Recruitment Post

Hello you wonderful bunch of music lovers and music nerds… :smile:

As I have some time, and am totally not hopped up on cold medicine no thanks to a headcold - I thought I’d finally get this big ball rolling.

Previously our resident Kiwi @aerozol started a channel on the unofficial Discord server that served a purpose of being an album club. As he’s a very busy man, and in the interest of being inclusive, I have volunteered to take up the gauntlet and spread the word.

What am I talking about
Album club is a bit like a book club but for music, instead of books. As individuals find albums they like, they can contribute them to a list (via a form or something). Then every 2 weeks (?) a very high-tech spreadsheet will pick a random album for thsoe participating to listen to. Then the club members will listen to the album chosen, hopefully find something to say (doesn’t have to be nice) and possibly, hopefully write it down on CritiqueBrainz and maybe even discuss it within the forum…

Hopefully that makes sense.

How this will work
After we see how many people want to initially take part, I will make another post for people to start submitting ideas for albums via a form of some kind. I hope people won’t spam an artists or labels entire discography, and if you do I will probably just cut it down to one item.

This will probably happen in about a weeks time from this post. I am also thinking that I may also seed the spreadsheet with a few releases from those “you must listen to these albums before you die” or “best albums ever” lists from various music publications that are already on MBz or in magazines I own.

How do members listen to the music chosen
You’re going to need some kind of streaming service subscription probably. There are plenty of options out there and I’d guess that the music chosen will exist on the majority of them. No one is expecting you to go out and buy the album from a retailer just for this, it’s just a bit of fun.

What if I can’t make one of the "meetings"
No major issue, there’s no real time limit. Once a post is made for the next entry then, you can listen to it at anytime. You can skip a meeting if you are busy, you can drop in and out as you feel like. This club is simply here because I think it could be interesting to talk more about the music itself instead of how to put the music in a database :wink:

What are we expecting to listen to
“Full length” albums, or EP’s if they’re at least 30 minutes long and aren’t just 5x remixes of the same work. This means no singles or stand-alone recordings. Along with that, no weird library music albums, selections of sound effects, weird music that’s intended to make you sleep or keep you zen, no dolphin music albums (unless particulary amusing). You get the idea, if something is removed from the line-up there will be a reason for it.

However the idea is to welcome any kind of genre, style, era and to include studio, live, compilation, soundtrack and videogame soundtrack items. Maybe some various artist compilations, so long as they’re not too long.

OK I’m in now what?
If you like the sound of this, and you want it to come into existence then vote in the poll below with a Yes, there is also a No answer if you are so inclined.

  • Yes, this is a good idea I want to be involved
  • No, this is a terrible idea

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Any questions, post them below :slight_smile:


are you also gonna include the leftover albums already submitted on the Discord, or no?

a suggestion for the form, we probably ought to include the MBID of the release, as well as (optional) streaming links, like Spotify and YouTube on particular


Hurray, thanks!

For the record I enjoyed album club, but interest was slight… slight-ish… slight-est… and eventually none. But quite frankly I’m happy to listen to something and review it even if nobody else does!

You still wanna do every two weeks? And shall we cross-post it to Discord because why not? I might air it out on IRC, and maybe we can even get a tweet or two from MeB. If that suits you.

Thanks for the kick in the butt, and looking forward to this picking up again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yep i will be

indeed I was thinking that myself

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probably, and could be good :smiley:

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OK so we’ve had a bit of positive feedback from individuals but I can’t see exactly who voted and seem to have 1 more like to vote.

As mentioned, this will kick off starting next year, aiming for 2nd January 2023 for the first pick.

For the meantime, please get your submissions in here:

If I think that the list is a little lacking, then I will pump it with some editorial recommendations to get things going (hopefully that won’t happen).

Keep in mind, you can suggest albums you like, you hate, you feel indifferent about.


To those still tuned in…

I’ve checked and there’s not been many responses to filling out the submission form… which is OK… I will look to populate the list with some other lists that are about to give us some fodder.

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Yes, it’s a good idea! But for me, all the time I can spare for music I like to put into cataloguing and editing my record collection. When I’m done with that, I would love to join. :slight_smile: However, it will take some time…

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I think even one submission is enough to get cracking tbh!

You just don’t want to have to use mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m game for the listening club. I would prefer to have it based here, as I don’t use Discord. If the semi-monthly album could be posted in a thread in this community forum, it would permit more participation, I think.

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