The Musicbrainz Album Club - #2: Fatherf***er by Peaches

Hello all, I’m on time this month… although you can send thanks to my humanoid alarm clock @aerozol .

This is the second TMAC meeting. If you want to know more about the club visit this page . If you have a submission you want to make for a future meeting, it’s this form .

OK for this month, we have drum roll… Fatherfucker by Peaches, and was submitted by yours truly.

I didn’t provide any comments with my submission, this is a historical entry from when the club was “alpha tested” on the Unofficial Discord server, but I think there’s something to say here, although I’m expecting this to go down as well as marmite.

You can listen to this album via:

Let us know of your thoughts below, maybe even write a review on CritiqueBrainz or rate the tracks on ListenBrainz!


Oohoo that’s a great title, gonna check this out and write a review. I’ve heard the artist this time, but not this album.


This took me back! Not quite how I remember it, which is always interesting. But definitely a solid album.

My review:


I also did a review:

It might be a bit disjointed, I wrote it between tasks at work. Hopefully my point got across :laughing:


I agree with everything in your review! Reading it makes me want to listen to it again…