The Musicbrainz Album Club - #7: Dead as Dreams by Weakling

Apologies with the lateness but here we go, round 7.

We’re still really wanting lots of recommendations - it doesn’t have to be an album you like, it can be anything (so long as its an album) - submit via this form!

This is the seventh TMAC meeting. If you want to know more about the club visit this page.

The album for this month is Dead as Dreams by Weakling, suggested by @aerozol who submitted these thoughts:

I just started on a black metal binge, after a long hiatus, and thought I’d revisit this album that I remember I used to love. Still love it! I’m also keen to hear what people who don’t usually listen to black metal think. I think it’s a genre that sounds like a total noisy dissonant mess upon first listen, but after 10 minutes you can get totally lost in it, and it becomes very melodic. Convince me otherwise!

You can listen to this album via:

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Wooo, good ol’ Weakling!

Turns out it’s still awesome. Very happy to have been reminded to dig in again.