The Musicbrainz Album Club - #5: Out From Where by Amon Tobin

Summer is nearly here and it’s time for the fifth meeting of album club. We’re still really wanting lots of recommendations - it doesn’t have to be an album you like, it can be anything (so long as its an album) - submit via this form!

This is the fifth TMAC meeting. If you want to know more about the club visit this page.

The album for this month is Out from Where by Amon Tobin, and was submitted by me,

My comments with my submission should have been:

This is one of my favourite “IDM” albums of all time and it’s one of the first albums I listened to that really made me feel like I was listening to what a robot might enjoy :laughing:

You can listen to this album via:

Let us know of your thoughts below, maybe even write a review on CritiqueBrainz or rate the tracks on ListenBrainz!


I’ll definitely listen to this tomorrow. IDM is in my top genres according to RYM so this’ll be fun.

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12 11 days later, tomorrow has come. Definitely a solid album. I’m more of a melodic type when it comes to my IDM (see: Arovane, Proem, “Hasty Boom Alert” from u-Ziq) but the trip hop and breakbeat sounds on this are great. I know the industrial elements of this will grow a lot on me in time.