The Musicbrainz Album Club - #1: Exuma II by Exuma

Hello all, yes I’m fashionably late as ever - 2023 is already kicking my butt it would appear, but let’s get on with the show.

This is the first TMAC meeting. If you want to know more about the club visit this page. If you have a submission you want to make for a future meeting, it’s this form.

The album for this month is Exuma II by Exuma, and was submitted by @mudcrow

Their comments with their submission were:

1970 and Exuma’s 2nd album, with songs about zombies, witchcraft, voodoo, demons and devils, all played to a Caribbean rhythm

You can listen to this album via:

Let us know of your thoughts below, maybe even write a review on CritiqueBrainz or rate the tracks on ListenBrainz!


Oh awesome @mudcrow!

I just listened to Exuma 1 the other week. Really great stuff, expectations are set for #2!

I had a (un)productive day, so I had a listen and put my thoughts into a CB review. Would love to know if others agree or not!


What an interesting album. Outside of my usual listening habits, but I definitely had fun listening. @aerozol , I find your review spot on.


Hello, I like this idea a lot!

My first Critiquebrainz review
I went in blind and read @aerozol 's review after I had posted mine - we agree on some things, but Paul Simon Nontooth was a highlight for me!

Looking forward to the next one.