The Musicbrainz Album Club - #8: Hunting High and Low by a-ha

I’ve missed a few months due to personal things that have cropped up and getting a bit lost in the sauce, but let’s go for another.

We’re still wanting lots of recommendations - it doesn’t have to be an album you like, it can be anything (so long as its an album) - submit via this form!

This is the eighth TMAC meeting. If you want to know more about the club visit this page.

The album for this month is Hunting High and Low by a-ha, suggested by @UltimateRiff who submitted with no personal comments, maybe they’re keeping them for a review!

You can listen to this album via:

Let us know of your thoughts below, maybe even write a review on CritiqueBrainz or rate the tracks on ListenBrainz!


Initial thoughts are that I really like it, but it’s too ballady/without teeth for my tastes.

I’m going to give it repeat listens and see if it burrows into my brain more :worm:

ooh, I forgot I submitted this one~

in all honesty, I picked this CD up for Take On Me, but I found that I vibe with the whole album~ just from memory, my top tracks are probably gonna be The Sun Always Shines on T.V., Take On Me, and Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale


Gave it a few more listens and it never quite clicked. Turning it up helped though! I do love a few tracks.

My review:

I feel a bit out of my depth on this one. I guess it’s an absolute classic, and I get why. The production is excellent, the vocals and music is undoubtedly impressive. And there are some smashing singles on here (Take On Me and Hunting High and Low) that would have been, and still would be, bops on the radio. I highly recommend playing them on loud.

Overall though there is little here to elevate it to a brilliant album. I would rather listen to those singles in a new wave compilation (for instance, outing myself as a millenial, a Grand Theft Auto radio soundtrack…) Everything after the first few tracks is fine, just fine. My main criticism is that it all feels a bit vapid. That’s probably missing the point, especially in this genre, but I guess I‘m happy to sacrifice orchestration for a dollop of angst when it comes to new wave - this makes me itchy for The Cure, New Order, the list of a-ha compatriots that I would rather listen to goes on. But, that’s entirely personal preference. If you prefer well-sung ballads, this is one for you.