iTunes UPC Database

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I have been perusing the MusicBrainz forums and I noted that some people have expressed frustrations over trying to identify the correct UPC to use with iTunes releases since iTunes makes it difficult to identify sometimes. I have run into this issue myself and I spent some time researching the underlying cause and I have identified a solution.

I have been able to acquire a copy of the iTunes Collection Match binary file (described in dated 1/8/2020 in binary format from a friend of mine, which contains the information to match any iTunes album ID to a iTunes UPC.

Using a binary reader, such as, a search using the iTunes album ID in the file will yield a match for the UPC used for the album release.

I have tested a few albums by taking the resulting UPC and using the iTunes Search API (example “”) and confirmed that it works for the small test sample. It needs further testing though to validate its use for all users. The problem is how to do this in a manner that doesn’t kill my bandwidth on distributing the file/information.

I want to provide the 115MB file to an MusicBrainz admin or someone who is willing to host it for others to use or can incorporate it into a web search tool. I reached out to marlonob to incorporate it it into his search tool at, but I haven’t received a response from him yet. I really do not want to receive a million requests for the file itself.

I also can not guarantee that I will be able to acquire future updates of this file, but it should be of some use for existing releases.

Please let me know how to proceed with this file to best help benefit the MusicBrainz community.



Get a 404 Not Found. Luckily archived by Wayback Machine.
And I found someone who mirrored more of the affiliate documentation.

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I’d love a copy of this, but I have no way of hosting. I update iTunes releases daily and this would be of use when the barcodes can’t be found in either the .jpg filename or on ISRC.