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This video has barcodes according to the video match file found at iTunes UPC Database - MusicBrainz - MetaBrainz Community Discourse. However, we are not allowed to add as a proper release because apparently music-video isn’t allowed to be added to releases. Videos on Apple Music should be allowed to be their own releases, especially if barcodes are being assigned to them. Currenly I think all I can do is add the link to the video recording. But I think we should be able to add them as separate releases if we know that the barcode is.


I’m confused. Why not just add it as a single, and the recording is a video?

I add releases that are all videos all the time (music video DVDs/Blu-rays, etc.). Nothing dramatically different about a digital release.


I can, but I can’t link it to the actual release. It has an assigned barcode. But yes, I can just create a video single with the barcode. It’s just annoying that you have to go to the recording to actually find the URL and not the release.

I suppose this is more of a ticket issue than anything.

I agree. it’s got a barcode, therefore it definitely should be a release.

heck, I’ve even added releases for YouTube videos, even though those don’t have barcodes (as far as I know).

I was just typing that up, lol

as a temporary measure, you could add the release link to the annotation of the release.

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Do they go in the same release group as the audio release? This is a music video, not a still picture with audio.

I’m 90% sure they’d get a separate release group, at least based on the discussion I remember from this thread. could also add a link between the audio and music video releases in the annotation.

[MBS-12132] Apple Music videos - URLs not supported - MetaBrainz JIRA