A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

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So the internal server error thing happened to me again today. I kept trying the same link over and over again over the course of four hours and kept getting the same error message.
I posted in the topic for the Spotify ISRC script about this, but I wanted to mention it here because I’m beginning to suspect something in this seeder is causing these errors (e.g. pythonanywhere is selectively blocking certain requests).

What a good idea!

I was considering embarking on a small project for very similar reasons.

Fixed. Thank you.

That’s one of the changes, the featured artists for tracks 6 and 8 only get registered because the iTunes release has them in the track title. I’ve got to figure out a better way to do this.

Thanks, fixed.

I think it’s fixed now. Also it seems that my list of Deezer available territories is incomplete.

Edit: It now uses the list in https://developers.deezer.com/guidelines/countries

The link provided by atisket is generic, I don’t think pythonanywhere knows its coming from this script, but from the IP address of your connection. You may try copying the link and paste it in a new tab, or do it manually using this schema for the url: https://tatsumo.pythonanywhere.com/album/[Spotify album ID] without the brackets, and then paste the MB release ID in the box at the bottom.


Thanks @marlonob!
Just see another bug, video tracks aren’t detected like for this example where a-tisket give 17 instead of 19 tracks (2 bonus video):


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Durations over 1 hour aren’t being displayed properly.
See first track of https://etc.marlonob.info/atisket/?cached=8718857793595-s_4IjDYedM3v0ZTsNs25DEeM and last track of https://etc.marlonob.info/atisket/?cached=5054281460119-s_7i9Q8jw0lHFtCEZiiftqHR-d_9307228-i_948321525

They are being seeded correctly thankfully.

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Marlonob, I sent you an email last week regarding a way to improve the iTunes UPC lookup. Please let me know if you got it.

See more information in this forum topic here: iTunes UPC Database


Yeah, it appears Deezer is actually available in more countries than they even list on the link I provided earlier. If you right click and view source on the deezer releases website, it will tell you where it’s NOT available. I just check there and then selected Worldwide only if there’s no countries that it’s not available, (with exception of AN, which shows on almost all releases as not available, which is no longer a country, even though rarely it does show up as an available country itself). Now that they figured out how to collapse the country lists (yeah!) there’s no reason not to just add all the countries unless it truly isn’t excluded in any countries.

One more issue with track artist seeding.

This release has two release artists.
That is seeded correctly. But the track artists are both of them joined as one artist:
<input type="hidden" name="mediums.0.track.0.artist_credit.names.0.name" value="Balkonien Gang &amp; Berky">

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Just got the versa with this release, where Years & Years was separated in two artist :slight_smile:

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7digital support would be nice.


I have a question regarding spotify artist uniqueness. This is important coz this tool uses spotify artist link for artist identification, so u dont need to enter them manually. It seems the spotify just combine artists with the same name under one “roof”. Here are some examples i encountered:

Some “old” artist combined with production music composer, which is probably couldnt be right

Again production music composer combined with John Stafford Smith, who is author of the USA national hymn, which ofc incorrect.

I suppose there are many more examples of this. I think there was a discussion about this in the spotify community, but the issue still remains so far:


You never actually state a question though… :slight_smile:

But yes, Spotify has an issue where multiple artists with the same name will get the same Spotify ID (e.g., spotify:artist:5KEjVMaEdZ1tHgaAIkZCVp). Spotify is a lot better than Deezer though (same artist as Spotify ID, but Deezer URL) and will sometimes have proper unique IDs even for artist that have the same name. E.g., there are multiple “Yasmin” artists on Spotify, even if some individual ones of them are actually multiple "Yasmin"s conflated.

Well, yeah, the question then - should i assign spotify artist links for such artist, coz from one side this will allow tool to fill them on release creation stage, but from other side - it could possibly link to wrong artist.

I would, and do (as evidenced by my links in my previous post). :slight_smile:

The links are still correct: You can find their music to stream for free via this link… the link just also lets you listen to other artists as well. When I am aware that an external ID covers multiple MusicBrainz IDs though, I try and make sure to link it to at least two of these, so anyone doing a “reverse lookup” (ie., tries to get the MBID from the external ID) are shown that the external ID is ambiguous and they should proceed with care. E.g., Yasmin was created specifically so I could link her to the Spotify ID so anyone looking up the Spotify ID could tell it didn’t cover only a single artist.


You are correct. On some artist it is either combined or wrong. Happens on iTunes and Deezeras well. Main thing to remember, and I use this awesome tool every day, is to double check and not rely 100% on the tools or scripts. I noticed that Khalid has the same issue on some releases.

But Deezer offers a tool to report the problem with the choice “This track wasn’t recorded by the artist shown”.

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But it is recorded by the artist shown. The artist shown just happens to represent multiple different real artists…

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Spotify can do that too


More or less, but yes I understand what you mean :wink: From my side, I report that kind of error anyway when I spot one, mostly with the link to MB.

Yep but the Deezer tools permit to anyone to do it:

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I noticed recently that if several artists are present for the track, the tool doesnt fill them all - only first one is shown. IIRC previously it filled all of them.

And just one more thought that came to my mind - since tool can provide link to cover art from digital stores would be nice to have some kind of “updater” which could replace existing art for a better one.

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