Requests for Votes Thread

Could I be a bother and ask again for a look at these new edits:

There were a few edit conflict errors and some attribution stuff that needed fixing but I think it’s pretty much done for the moment.

I’ll try to be a bit more patient next time! I’m just looking forward to getting this through Picard and uploaded to my phone :nerd_face: Cheers!


I forgot to check the “use track numbers” when adding a new media, and caused the track numbers to be parsed as a part of the title. Therefore I am seeking approval of the following corrections:



what’s going on with teen suicide?

for a month or so a bunch of beginner editors have been adding and removing relationships, changing titles and changing them back, stuff like that. just back & forth. it came on my radar because half a dozen different new accounts have been trying to remove all relationships to the work “no, the moon”

does anyone happen to be a fan, or at least, have a bit of spare time to check these out?


I don’t know the band but I’ve had a look at these edits. Seems like the band is known under multiple names and these new editors either don’t know our guidelines or actively ignore them. I’ve left a bunch of edit notes and No votes on unexplained destructive edits.

Because of the unusual edit activity, I guess these are vandals, the same is also happening on Wikipedia and on Discogs.
Maybe someone who’s already edited these artists could help here, other than these beginner edits which never have an edit note, I’ve seen edits by @ibitsu, @thedeadinme and @drsaunde.


Could we please get some more pairs of eyes to vote down and report this set of sockpuppets who are keen to hijack artists (and vote on each other’s edits)? Edit: this one is now gone too → Editor “Deleted Editor #2254870” - MusicBrainz
Editor “ModernMoonlight” - MusicBrainz

If there are more out there, please add them to the list.


Relevant: MBS-12156


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i’d like opinions on this edit please :slight_smile:

I too would like some more eyes on said edit.

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I accidentally added a bunch of performer credits to the wrong Richard Thompson release. If someone could approve the removals rather than leaving them out there for a week, I would feel slightly less embarrassed.


Some destructive edits (e.g. these ones) can’t be approved, but the votes should speed it up at least :pray:


I’ve done a bunch of cleanup (mostly merging duplicates) for LOONA recently and would appreciate some votes to speed things up:

edit: Thanks for all the votes & input!

I continued my clean-up on the subunits today:


I’ve done a bit of clean-up on my own artist page, moving several releases to a new artist page. if I could get several edits approved, that’d be lovely~

edit: thank you @chaban!


Would it be possible to get some votes on Edit #87511559 - MusicBrainz please?
As the edit notes indicate, the release is an instrumental album, and was created using recycled recordings for the vocal versions of those songs on other releases.

Also, I have a few open edits that I’d love to get closed where an artist with two performace aliases was credited incorrectly with one alias, and had the “credited as” field set to the appearance of the other alias. If I could get some approvals for these that’d be fantastic, as I could then get all my music for this group tagged this weekend and be done with their business. :blush:
Medium: Edit #87397246 - MusicBrainz
Relationship: Edit #87397227 - MusicBrainz


I need a second opinion on edit #87309524 and edit #87309525.

There are two sources with slightly different claims. The booklet of the CD release of says Tom McKenney worked as “Engineer”, the digital music store that sells the MP3 release says he worked as “Recording Engineer”.

Is there a guideline how to weigh sources against each other and or if the more specific “recoding engineer” should be used if there’s a source for that?

I switched around the titles of two tracks and their respective recordings and would appreciate some votes. Thank you!

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I don’t normally do this but, can I get someone to push through the clean-up on this release please:

It’s a video release (of MV’s) that has been mixed up with audio recordings, I’ve split and reassigned as best as I can.


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I’d like some extra eyes on these Various Artist credit cleanup edits.

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Could I please get some votes on Edit #87836876 and Edit #87836877?
I’m splitting this release into the actual two CDs before merging it into its more complete duplicate release.

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