Swapping tracks on Soft Boys’ A Can Of Bees

I’ve just noticed that on the Rykodisc and Two Crabs releases of the Soft Boys’ A Can Of Bees, the two versions of Sandra’s Having Her Brain Out were swapped in position. However the track lists don’t reflect that and both disc IDs had been attached to both releases. There’s a 20 second difference between the two versions; the listed times on the respective back covers match the disc IDs.

I’d like to temporarily remove the correct disc ID Disc ID “b6i4lfkHYsl6rEEqrO4opdNgq4Q-” - MusicBrainz from the Two Crabs version (which I own) so that I can then swap tracks 7 and 13 before reapplying the disc ID.

Added: I’d also need approval of this edit removing the Ryko disc ID from the Two Crabs version before I can swap the tracks.


I would just apply the track times from disc ID (auto edit) and then edit the release and swap the recordings in the Recordings tab.

Instead of removing the correct disc ID.


Okay, I guess that works, the recording times just look strange until the medium edit gets applied.