Requests for Votes Thread

Hello again,

Once more I’d like to ask for some votes: These edits change the artist credit to match the way artist is credited in the cover art.

Thanks in advance for you inputs.

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I’ve found a pair of releases that need to merge, but before I discovered the second release, I made some edits to what will be the target in the merge. One edit is a correction where an incorrect artist (same name) was credited on a track.

I don’t have much experience with merges, and I’m reluctant to do the merge with open edits in the target release. I’m hoping someone would be willing to vote or approve these edits so I don’t have to wait for them to do the merge:

The release I want to merge is this. The album is one of a series that was published by a local radio station, as a fundraiser for the local food bank. There was only ever one release of each album.

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Thanks @kellnerd for approving.

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could i have some people look at this it is my understanding that early access (from subscription services such as Patreon & Bandcamp, and from newsletters) should be promo releases. i dont really understand the proposal of putting this early access information in a release annotation, since that is essentially just explaining a different release as text, instead of having it as its own release

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these are duplicate credits, but the artist keeps voting it down:

and this is a new edit (changing disambiguation), but I already know he is going to vote no:

Are you sure these instruments are played on all tracks?

It was only partly duplicated as the credits for track 10 weren’t there. (I just added them.)

daisen / Yusup Dalmaz seems to be back as trololo, making strange claims about Japanese-Russian links like this, which I am removing:

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9 recordings by Rod Stewart and Steampacket (supposedly December 1965)

I would like to reorder tracks on a release but disc ID was attached.
I am removing the disc ID to enable this (I will re-add it afterwards).

Please review: Edit #86223131 - Remove disc ID.

Release tracklist history

  1. Edit #61625279 - Add medium (strange track order, advice asked to original editor @oparin1954)
  2. Edit #61625286 - Add cover art (same track order as other editions)
  3. Edit #82940410 - Add disc ID (same track order as other editions)
  4. Edit #86223055 - Set track lengths here you can see how wrong are track times

It seems that this CD edition has gotten the track order of the LP edition, by mistake.

I would like to move tracks because correct AcoustID are attached, it’s just that track order is not aligned with disc ID, it’s the LP order instead of the usual CD order.

Other editions

It’s a recording session of Rod Stewart and Steampacket, that is usually seen always in the same order, except the release I would like to fix.

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Just a reminder: if you want to ask questions about a style guideline or established best/common practice related to an edit, make a new topic. This topic is not for discussions.

If you have questions about an edit, ask in the edit notes of the edit.

If you think there’s something odd going on with a specific entity, make a dedicated topic to exploring it.

If you have one or more edits that you would like some votes or eyes on to make it pass quicker or because you’re not sure about it? By all means link it here – and keep discussion in the edit(s). Or another, dedicated topic. :slight_smile:


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Could I please get votes on this edit: Edit #86502192 - MusicBrainz

I’m splitting the single track into 8 on the CD version, so I can then submit the DiscID.


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According to Chapter 4 of this extremely long video, a label changed the artist credit of old recordings. Therefore, I’ve opened these edits to merge and correct a typo’d title into its preexisting form:

Could I get a speedy update for this release/release group? It was entered based on incorrect info on Discogs, which has recently been corrected:

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Hello good folks, may I kindly ask for your judgements on the following edits:


There’s an artist correction and a merge here, not sure if the merge will fail but in any case the artist correction should be first: Edits for These Pretty Things - MusicBrainz

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Hello all! Long time listener, first time caller.

I stated adding some information around a language learning CD ‘album’ a couple of days ago but the edits are starting to pile up (currently at 239) and it’s getting a bit tricky to work on it.

Any chance someone could take a look?

A few notes:

Thanks in advance!


You guys work quick! Thanks for all of the votes, and especially to @kellnerd for the advice on edit conflicts (I’ve just fixed the issue). I’ll try to pay it forward :+1: