Requests for Votes Thread


A call for some more opinions aswell to get consensus on all the recordings & releases:
There’s 1 track with a French title, which is a well known quote “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King”.
The tracklist on albums are all caps, so we’re not sure wether it’s artist intent to keep the word “Roi” (King) capitalised or not and have a hard space before the exclamation mark as described in the French styleguide.

For now, there’s a mixture of all words’ first letter capitalised/only the word Roi/none at all, space/no space and we would like to get a final decision on this matter which we can follow.


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It’s a sentence so it should follow sentence case in French and exclamation marks (among other) should have a space before (a narrow no break space at best).

We would not capitalise “un roi” or “des rois”… But indeed maybe we should capitalise when it is “le Roi”. :slight_smile:

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi !


Hello. Can someone take a look at my edit and if possible approve it? It’s a two track single (qobuz, juno), I’ll create the one track single (spotify, apple) later. Don’t want to cancel it.
I also have to add isrc and acoustid data to the new recording.

Thank you

It would be better to leave that 1-track single as it was and create a new release for the 2-track one, instead of changing the 1-track and then recreating it anyway.


I was about to leave this same message on the add edit. Please don’t hijack releases unless they have no information. This was set up as a single track Soundcloud release with no barcode in the “view-source” (yes, Soundcloud sometimes actually has barcodes that are the same as the “big 3” streaming services.)

Well I’ve created the one track single so I want to go with this edit. And I won’t hijack releases in future!

Edit #85512750 - MusicBrainz

Can someone work out what is going on here? This is the third attempt at getting this edit to drop in to place. Last two have been failed due to “change of dependencies”. Okay, I understand why that happened first time, but don’t get why it happened second time.

Thank you.

i was cleaning up the distrokid label and have two edits i’d like yes votes on!

Here’s an RG merge I’d like to ensure is reviewed, I’d also appreciate it if someone could help me understand where Sky High & the Mau Mau’s releases came from (they don’t have add release edits).

howdy! i’d like to work on this artist but i’m not comfortable doing a lotta editing w/ a pending merge looming… i never know what will stick, what will fail, etc.! so i’d like some eyes (and votes!) on this please

…also would like some thoughts in the edit notes on changing the artist name (but not renaming the credits) + gender after the merge goes through but i do not want to resurrect deadname discourse hahah… since the artist seems comfortable with old credits being under the old name i think there shouldn’t really be an issue but i’d still like thoughts :slight_smile:

I’d like some help pushing this edit through: Edit #85740902 - MusicBrainz

This release has a misprint where the titles of the last two tracks should be flipped. They were taken from a previous release that also had this misprint but the titles were fixed in that one on MB, but not in this one. This needs to be fixed faster so another merge edit can happen afterwards: Edit #85740373 - MusicBrainz

I’ve entered a couple edits to remove repeat vandalism:

KittyMME was a Universal Music company that existed between 2000-2002. You can find it described in other vetted databases:

You will not be able to find any credible corroborating data for what daisen / Yusup Dalmaz / et. al. keep vandalizing MusicBrainz to say.

@Freso , can you please confirm what is being done about this ongoing situation?


A couple more edits:


The vandalism has spread from Japan to Hong Kong:

@Freso @reosarevok Is MusicBrainz just supposed to be overrun by vandalism like this?


Would appreciate an AE approving four edits to undo mistakes I made just now: four edits.

I could use an approval on this recording creation to revert a merge, so I can fix the other releases that have this live version.

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Thanks @yindesu for approving that edit. I have a few more to unmerge here.

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12 open edits by me for one artist
i believe the edit notes, especially when taken in total, explain it all

I’d appreciate if someone could have a look and vote on these two edits:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

can i get some thoughts on this? it’s a pretty special case that sets the precedent for toki pona sort names and i don’t want it to silently pass without eyes on it

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