Help with No Ex by Giriboy

can someone approve this edit please: Edit #86863426 - MusicBrainz

I added a release by Giriboy: Release “No Ex” by 기리보이 - MusicBrainz

And I forgot to put his credited name, Giriboy on the track and so he is only listed under his artist profile name which is 기리보

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I’ve approved it but this just changes the recording, not the release :slight_smile:

You still have to press ‘edit’ on the release and then edit the release artist if you want it to be changed there.

Looks like there should be another artist (paloalto) credited as well? Perhaps like this:

Any questions just ask :+1:

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I don’t know Korean stuff but it looks like overzealous latinisation to me.

Many Japanese artists, for instance, would have a latinised name on front cover (but often one of the spine is the genuine name), but the artist name should still be the genuine name.


I did have a Google before approving, the English naming seems consistent, even in a context where Korean text is used (eg this Youtube description)

uh oh, I just checked some of the Korean storefronts at the bottom of the YouTube description and they aren’t latinised (the English ones, e.g. Spotify are)

oh (again) but now I remember that Spotify possibly uses localised artist aliases depending on where you browse from?

So I will defer to the experts :pray:

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his record label’s youtube channel as well as 1thek (youtube channel that publishes music videos in Korea) does use the romanized Giriboy consistently as well as hangul. I think its a case of both not either/or. Also on the official cover of the No Ex single Giriboy is used so this is definitely for this song the credit is Giriboy IMO. Thanks for taking a look. I will submit an edit for the release as well and add Paloalto.

Edit: deleted the reply where I said the same thing because it wasn’t nested under your comment

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Here is a music video teaser for No Ex and romanized Giriboy is used not only in the title of the video but a title card appears in the video itself with romanized Giriboy not Hangul:

Use of Giriboy is consistent across much of his media pulished in Korea, if that helps? He himself is the one using the romanized version, if that makes sense, not just labels romanizing his name when publishing outside Korea.


It seems the linked YouTube video really does use a Latin-script title, but you need to be careful with YouTube because Google lacks transparency:


Thanks for the tip. I will definitely be careful with that

Yup, don’t be afraid to exercise your expertise as a fan! Jesus2099 and a lot of the other editors here have a different kind of editing expertise/perspective and the combo of you taking on their feedback and then making a call is perfect. Thanks for having a closer look.

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