Should be deleted?

Should this entry be deleted?

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Since there’s actual music tied to it, no.
That person appears to have used a bunch of wacky names that could easily be mistaken for spam.


Isn’t it once again just some noise, generated for the sole purpose of spamming?

I was going to say no, that it’s a legitimate style of electronic music, but judging by this article it seems those merits are on shaky ground.
I’ve been seeing these type of remixes for years. Some major artists have even received “official” nightcore remixes.

3amperson is a musician that makes more traditional non-noise music as well

the album in question is largely ‘just some noise’, but i sincerely doubt it was for the purposes of spam as it was posted on a label account that does post other legitimate (if probably copyright infringing) music. at the very least it’s white noise that’s meant to be enjoyed as such.


I’d rather listen to this guy than Ed Sheeran. It isn’t that weird, just experimental. They have quite a bit of output on Bandcamp.


My opinion: I wouldn’t delete it, but I would try to determine a primary artist name (maybe even their legal name) and merge all the nonsensical artist names into that single artist entry, thereby making them all aliases and not separate artists.

I see no evidence that all those names are intended to be separate “projects” (i.e. the Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion distinction).

i see no evidence that they aren’t separate projects. they keep the alias distinctions even in their compilations

they all sound pretty distinct too.