Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

I’ve done a bit of clean-up on my own artist page, moving several releases to a new artist page. if I could get several edits approved, that’d be lovely~

edit: thank you @chaban!


Would it be possible to get some votes on Edit #87511559 - MusicBrainz please?
As the edit notes indicate, the release is an instrumental album, and was created using recycled recordings for the vocal versions of those songs on other releases.

Also, I have a few open edits that I’d love to get closed where an artist with two performace aliases was credited incorrectly with one alias, and had the “credited as” field set to the appearance of the other alias. If I could get some approvals for these that’d be fantastic, as I could then get all my music for this group tagged this weekend and be done with their business. :blush:
Medium: Edit #87397246 - MusicBrainz
Relationship: Edit #87397227 - MusicBrainz


I need a second opinion on edit #87309524 and edit #87309525.

There are two sources with slightly different claims. The booklet of the CD release of says Tom McKenney worked as “Engineer”, the digital music store that sells the MP3 release says he worked as “Recording Engineer”.

Is there a guideline how to weigh sources against each other and or if the more specific “recoding engineer” should be used if there’s a source for that?

I switched around the titles of two tracks and their respective recordings and would appreciate some votes. Thank you!

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I don’t normally do this but, can I get someone to push through the clean-up on this release please:

It’s a video release (of MV’s) that has been mixed up with audio recordings, I’ve split and reassigned as best as I can.


8 posts were split to a new topic: Should be deleted?

I’d like some extra eyes on these Various Artist credit cleanup edits.

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Could I please get some votes on Edit #87836876 and Edit #87836877?
I’m splitting this release into the actual two CDs before merging it into its more complete duplicate release.

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Copy \ paste error means I ended up with an Edit note in the disambig. Can someone bump this edit through to clear away my daftness. Thank you

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If anyone’s interested in how we credit VA releases in MB please have a look at these :+1:

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opinions on this edit please! i’d like to see if anyone agrees with me before i cancel


Hi all,

If someone could push this through, will repeat my edit note here; open to a better way to resolve this tangle.


I physically own………

All are ripped to FLAC from CD, using EAC.

They all return one fingerprint, 93ad0431-ec45-4580-a0b9-1b9028384da1 and to my ears sound exactly the same; no differences in composition or lyrics.

I would normally merge recordings:………

but they are linked to many other releases and have numerous fingerprints that I cannot define, so I am bringing the examples on Q: The Album and Kerrang Album 4 onto the rather clean recording entry for The Newbreed

Another stinky edit that I’d appreciate being pushed through

Budget release that often gets split up when sold via second-hand used markets, but is a set of 4. Some very basic data exists for each of the 4 parts in MBz, this edit is to link them together.

further clean-up, tidy and evidence to follow once this edit is complete.

hello! i’d like votes/eyes on this please

edit #88272824

Can someone take a look at my edit and if possible fast approve it? The previous editor on this release made a very messy edit, they credited the wrong artist. Open Edits for Killa (Remixes)

i’m back here again, sorry :frowning: but can i get some votes on this artist merge as well? i want to do more work on this artist but the pending merge keeps scaring me off haha

edit #88335952

i’m looking for feedback on this, because i genuinely have no idea what is correct :upside_down_face:

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Is that how the misc role relationships were meant to be used?
Adding artists multiple times, once via a specific relationship and another time as misc role relationship with the task being a generic “studio personnel”


splitting an artist, the main edit is this, but there’s several others here, removing some URLs and changing artist credits~

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There are two rappers named “Young Thug”, one of them is the more well-known US performer, the other is a French performer. I corrected the track infos that incorrectly attributed the French performer: